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Transform your browser "new tab" into a space of productivity & motivation.

Productivity Dashboard

Derigo — which means “to give direction” — helps you build the mindset & habits that you desire.

Personal Dashboard for Goal setting
Turn your browser "new tab" into your own personal space

Regain your attention

In today’s digital world everyone wants to get some of your limited attention without you even consciously realizing it anymore. And it is having a negative impact on your productivity and mindset.

Derigo Dash helps you to regain your attention by transforming the “new tab” page of your browser into your own personal space. With Derigo you bring more focus and direction into your days.

So that once again you decide what gets your attention.

With Derigo Dash you

Increase your productivity

Use widgets to remind yourself more often about your goals and the desired attitude that you’d like to have during the day.

Improve your mindset

Use widgets to remind yourself more often about your goals and the desired attitude that you’d like to have during the day.

Perform Deep Work with Derigo Dash
Perform Deep Work with Derigo Dash
Start your Miracle Morning with Derigo Dash
Build the habit of the Five Minute Journal

Build new habits

Use widgets to define your desired habits and stay on track of your progress during the week.

Increase your self-awareness

Use widgets to write down your values and desired behaviour. Derigo Dash will subtly remind you of these during the day so you become more self-aware.

Transform your browser “new tab” into your personal space for more productivity and self-awareness. To help you build the habits and mindset that you desire.


Create your own personal space

Derigo Dash - Search Widget


Choose your favourite search engine.

Derigo Dash Pomodoro Timer

Pomodoro Timer

Use the Pomodoro technique to increase your productivity

Habit Tracker

Define your habits and track them throughout your week

Derigo Dash - Notes Widget


Clear your mind and write down your thoughts or remind yourself of what's important to you

Derigo Dash - Todo Widget

Todo List

Set goals and define your actions for the day and week


Be inspired & get started

Improve your


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