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Achieving 10x goals like Grant Cardone

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Grant Cardone is an American author, renowned speaker, real estate mogul, and internationally acclaimed influencer. The quote below said by a wise person summarizes the goal-setting technique given to us by Grant.

‘Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.’

He has determined the ultimate formulae to help motivate people to achieve more than what they originally intended. Everyone has a list of things in their mind they are trying to accomplish, yet we never seem to fulfill them to our satisfaction.

Why do we fail to accomplish simple goals such as lose five pounds or save $100 a month? Whereas people like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are battling in a space race. We are all the same species, so why is there such a huge difference? Grant answers that the majority of people use flawed goal-setting methods. If you truly want something, you should aim and invest ten times as much. He calls it the 10x rule.

‘Your greatness is limited only by the investment you make in yourself’ Grant Cardone.

This post explains how you can use Grant’s 10x rule. Equipped with the right tools, you will apply the rule much faster, follow through and achieve desired results. Derigo Dash is a simple system with vast potential. It turns your browser’s new tab into a personalized space of productivity and motivation. Regardless of your goals, Derigo Dash has all the tools you require to dominate the world using Grant’s 10x rule.

Derigo Dash has customizable widgets that can adjust to your specific needs. The interface is extremely user-friendly. It does not require any technical skills or wastes time setting up. Below we discuss the 5 steps to follow Grant’s 10x rule for effective goal setting using Derigo Dash.

1. Have 10X Goals

Grant explains goal setting should be for important things. To follow through, your goals should be ten times higher. If you are happy with your looks, you will never be motivated enough to lose a couple of extra pounds. If you want to start a business, do not begin a side hustle with low investment and low income. Instead, come up with an idea that makes an impact. If you truly believe the world would be different with your contribution, you will only put in the effort required. The Yearly To-Do Widget is an excellent tool to write down your long-term goals.

Derigo Dash-Yearly Goals Widget

2. Input 10X Actions

Your 10x goals will require 10x actions. Most people underestimate the effort required when goal setting. The initial enthusiasm does not last very long, and most people quit as they face obstacles. It is the consistent actions that make a difference. Consistent actions are the small steps taken every day. Create morning routines to start the day on a positive note. Build beneficial habits with the habit tracker widget. If you show up to work simultaneously every day, your mind will get trained to focus easily. The Pomodoro Timer widget is the only requirement for deep work. It will drastically improve your concentration while carrying out your 10x work!

Derigo Dash-Daily To-Do Widget

3. Create Your Luck

Many people dismiss the success of others as pure luck. However, they fail to notice the immense hard work, thousands of practice hours, and determination behind those achievements. If you put in 10x actions, consequently, you will create 10x more opportunities for yourself. The process demands patience. Besides, keeping yourself motivated and inspired is easy if you have clear targets. Image widget is a visual tool as an energy booster. If you want to make 1 million keep images of what you would do with all that money.

4. Eat Fear

Do what you fear. It means you are growing. Taking action removes the anxiety and decreases its power over you. Personal development is key to gaining professional maturity. If you are too comfortable in your life or bored with your routine, it is an indicator to challenge yourself.

Motivate yourself with stories of other successful people. Living an average life brings no joy to any human. Aim to be the best and dominate. Top athletes practice being number 1, nothing below that. The Quote widget displays inspirational sayings to keep you inspired. Customization of widgets gives you the freedom to create what-if scenarios for when you are facing problems. The Notes widget is a notepad where you can make a list of consultants related to your business. So next time you are dwelling over a problem, be quick to get extra help.

5. Remove Non-Essentials

Finally, Grant emphasizes that you clear out distractions and non-essentials from your life. Unlike robots, humans have limitations. You cannot add new goals and put them into action without removing unproductive behaviors and habits. Working extra two hours every day for a year will make a tremendous difference in your business. Or you can complain that you do not have time and energy and spend those two hours on social media and Netflix. The 10x rule works best when you start the process with incredible effort and continue the momentum till the end.

Derigo Dash- Notes Widget

Let us know what your 10X goals are and how you plan to achieve them using Derigo Dash.


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