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Surprisingly our daily lives are jammed packed, but we still feel like we are standing still. New year resolutions always fail because we lose momentum over time. The magical solution is very simple-practice a weekly review. A weekly review is essential if you want to make substantial progress towards your goals and increase your productivity.

Not only does a weekly review include evaluating your progress, but it is also a dedicated time to appreciate your efforts and plan for the future as required. Considering the enormous potential of a weekly review, we believe everyone should make this activity a habit.

Regardless of the goal or your work, a weekly review will help you. You will never ask yourself where my life is headed? Am I getting closer to the finish line? Are my processes beneficial or a hindrance to my goals?

This article is a guide to carry out a systematic weekly review using Derigo Dash. It is an efficient application with useful widgets. The widgets allow you to gain maximum benefits during the weekly review while saving your time.

Weekly Review As A Habit

Productivity gets stagnant if you repeat the same methods without achieving desired results. Unless you do a review frequently, you will stay unaware of your progress. Select a suitable time, such as Friday evening, and block an hour for your review in the Habit Tracker widget for the coming weeks. You are less likely to skip a scheduled event. Over time this activity will solidify as a good habit.

Divide Your Time During The Weekly Review

Use a Pomodoro timer widget for each of the three steps to keep you on track and prevent distractions.

1. Declutter

You will not be able to benefit from this hour with a cluttered mind. Use the Notes widget to transfer your thoughts into a physical form. This step will increase your self-awareness, but it should not take you more than ten minutes. Take care not to pass judgements on your thoughts or feelings.

2. Progress Report

The next half hour is to review the actions of the past week. Going through your thoughts list, you will observe them centred around the critical areas of your personal and professional life. If you perform poorly at work, your mind will be searching for solutions to accommodate for it in future. Similarly, if you completed your targets last week, you will subconsciously go over the happy moments.

Your job during the weekly review is to act as a third person. This perspective helps you carry out an objective evaluation. To make the process effortless, list questions in the ToDo widget. The questions can be marked off as you go through them. Few examples of such questions are given below. Answering these questions logically will show you where you stand regarding your goals.

Q. How did I perform during tasks last week? 

Q. Was I able to deliver on my commitments? 

Q. What were my major distractions? 

Q. What unexpected problems arise, and how did I handle them? 

Q. How did I divide my time between my goals and daily obligations?

Q. What are the resources that helped me out?

3. Future Plans:

Only when you are sure of your current situation can you move forward with a good plan. If your previous week’s goal was to promote your business page, but you only spent a couple of hours, that is inadequate. For the next week, you can schedule more time to work on your goals. Additionally, if you come across a new marketing strategy, you can plan to apply it to your business in the coming week. 

Instead of planning every day during the weekly review, make a shortlist of 2-3 targets for the coming week in the Weekly ToDo widget. If you are learning a new course, keep the target to complete five exercises of the course. Limit this step of the review to 15 minutes.

Derigo Dash- ToDo Widget

Avoiding Pitfalls And Mistakes

Firstly, be efficient during your review. Instead of going over minor details, evaluate the overall process. If you are trying to reduce weight, counting minutes during each gym session is not very productive. Replace this method by comparing your weight at the start and end of the week. It gives you a better idea of whether the exercise and your diet are working or not.

Although the review seems complicated, do not extend it more than an hour. Otherwise, you will be overwhelmed, and the review will become a dreaded task. Take the review as an exciting activity instead of taking the role of a strict examiner. Be kind to yourself as purpose of the review is higher productivity in your life.

A weekly review is the only way to accomplish all your dreams in the most efficient method. Derigo Dash makes the weekly review effortless as you are more organized, reducing your physical and mental workload. Try it out today, and let us know how it helped you.


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