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20+ Resources For A Student Who Want To Maximize Productivity

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Whether you’re a senior or freshman, your schedule may be taking a toll on you. As a student, you’re probably frustrated with how time is flying by so quickly. One minute you’re planning your course out, and the next minute, you’re prepping for your finals. Luckily, we have evaluated a list of strategies you can use to survive the hard semester you’re going through. 

We have compiled the best tools, methods, resources, and tactics to help you excel your entire semester. So if you want to find resources that will not only help you stay productive but also stay sane, then keep on reading!

Resources For Students To Stay Productive: A Staple In Your Routine

Here are over 20 resources that will help students become more productive.

The Notes Widget: Write Down Your Thoughts

A notes tool will keep you aware of your goals. You can monitor your thoughts by writing them down. The notes widget that Derigo Dash offers will act as an emotional outlet for some. You can find all solutions to your ambiguities by writing.

Use Pomodoro To Avoid Distractions 

To become more productive, start by timing yourself. This is possible using the Derigo Dash Pomodoro widget. A Pomodoro is 25 minutes long because it’s just the right amount of time one needs to be productive. The tool helps focus your attention on the target you’re trying to achieve. 

Build A Healthy Routine Using Habit Tracker  

Derigo Dash offers a habit tracker widget that will keep track of your weekly habits. In addition, you can create new habits such as reading a book or meditating each day. Lastly, once you’re done with the task, you can check it off your list. This will help the activity to become a permanent habit. 

Set Daily Task Reminders

Using Derigo Dash’s constant reminder, you can set certain tasks for the day and fulfill them. Additionally, every time you open a to-do widget, a reminder will pop up on your screen. This will fuel you to work harder and smarter instead of being distracted and wasting time.

Yearly Goal Planning 

Along with monthly planners, Derigo Dash offers yearly to-do planners as well. You can set long-term goals such as learning a new language in a year-long period. 

Inspire Yourself With Some Daily Quotes

You can select some quotes that motivate or inspire you to be a better version of yourself. Find some for yourself and go through them daily using the Derigo Dash extension. This will help to boost your daily attitude.

Journaling Your Thoughts 

Getting distracted while you’re working is a common dilemma. Thoughts may interrupt your work. Therefore journaling your thoughts is a good idea. This will help you deal with your emotions, and it will relax your mind to think clearly. For this, you can use the Derigo notes widget. 

Set Short Term Goals

It is important to set certain goals in your life. This is where Warren Buffet’s goal-setting technique comes in handy. His technique requires you to select your top 5 most important goals out of 25 goals. You can mention your goals in the monthly to-do tool that Derigo Dash offers. 

Create A Routine

Start your morning off by writing down activities or goals you need to achieve within the same day. Follow this ritual religiously every day. All in all, journaling will help you keep track of your daily activities and will help these habits to become permanent choices. 

Online Study Groups

Creating virtual study groups can help students to stay productive. Studying together with friends can be motivating. You can schedule a time and share tasks with one another. 

Brainstorm Your Ideas

Sometimes it’s better to take tiny steps at a time. For example, if you are a student that has gotten a project that may last the entire semester, then start by brainstorming ideas first. Brainstorming every day for 15 minutes will be helpful.

Calm Your Nerves With A Hint Of Jazz

Relaxing or soothing music can help a student with memorizing. It also helps to relax them. Classical or cinematic music is ideal for listening to you if you’re not feeling productive.

Books Are Your Best Friend!

Reading books is a good habit to have. It will improve your vocabulary, and by writing it down in the Deringo dash daily to-do list, you’ll be reminded of it.

Find A Comfortable Spot

Let’s be honest. You can’t carry out your daily activities if you are around many people or if you are in an uncomfortable environment. So find yourself a cozy spot other than your bed that is away from all the hustle and bustle of life.

Put Yourself First

Most people don’t sleep very well because they are constantly working hard. Lack of sleep can affect brain function and can take a toll on your health, especially if you’re a student. So it’s utterly crucial to take care of yourself to be productive.

Use A Unique Method To Write Your Notes

Walter Pauk created a note writing method that is divided into three sections. Cues, notes, and summary. Moreover, this method helps note down the exact concepts rather than scribbling down information that you know nothing about. 

Envision What Your Learning 

This may appear like a weird concept, but it is easy to do and is effective. This method is known as “Memory Palace,” It involves envisioning a physical place and attaching key concepts to it.

Find Educational Videos

As a student, you may want to save time by watching a few lectures online rather than reading a whole book. Educational videos will save a student’s time, and this way, the student can be on top of his daily schedule.

Become Your Own Teacher 

Richard Feynman is a Nobel prize winner who suggested a studying technique that requires one to study as if they’re teaching someone else—essentially acting as their personal teacher. 

Become A More Proactive Student

Branching out of your comfort one may just be the activity you’re looking for. Scholarships or internships are a good option to go for if you have some extra time to spare from school.

Listen To Audiobooks

Audiobooks are a great alternative to try if you’re not into reading books. It’s an easier, less time-consuming resource as compared to reading.


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