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5 Easy Hacks to Optimize Your To-Do List and Keep Your Mind at Ease

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As we get older, the load of responsibility increases ten-fold. You become independent and suddenly need to take care of a plethora of things while also focusing on progressing in life. As a result, your to-do list becomes a mess!

Often, this can be difficult in life as our productivity goes down when we’re feeling overwhelmed. Due to this, we can’t finish the simplest of tasks.

This can start to feel like a major setback since chores keep piling up, and you’re just not sure how to go about completing them.

With other tasks constantly lingering at the back of your mind, you slow down or may feel demotivated. This only further increases stress levels.

To deal with this, we’re here to help you out. We will cover six tips you can use to organize and manage your abundance of tasks in your everyday life.

Let’s start with ways to smoothly get things out of your mind and into your work life.


Your thoughts won’t wait for you, nor will they come at the ideal times. So always be on your toes to jot down your ideas or tasks as they come to you in any sort of notepad. Derigo Dash provides you with the feasibility of writing things down anytime, anywhere.

Using its Notepad feature, easily write down notes throughout the day to revisit later on or add to your to-do lists. Accessible on any device, never let your thoughts go to waste. Whenever you’re feeling the effects of stress, simply note down the work you have left and the order you’re supposed to do it in order to remove unnecessary stress.

Key Binds

A lot of our tasks are mundane in nature and need to be completed on a daily basis. But, especially for school-going or working individuals, their routines require precise scheduling and punctuality.

An easy way to go about these tasks without constantly having to remember if you’ve finished them for the day is key bindings.

Key Binds are extremely simple. You allocate a certain action to the task required. This can be done physically or digitally.

Suppose you need to do the laundry or pick up groceries, using your device, bind a key to let you know if you’ve touched that task or not. When you’re through with it, press the key bind to check it off for the day.

This will enable you to rest assured about everyday tasks and reduce the chances of remembering them in the middle of the day, sending you into a state of panic. Instead, customize your ways to make them more efficient.

Follow a Priority Index to Make Your To-Do List

Priority Indexes were the latest trend a while ago and are still a practical way to become more productive throughout your day.

For those unaware of a priority index, it is a method used to determine the work order based on priority. Priority can be set according to how urgently a task needs to be performed, resources it requires, the benefit of finishing it, etc. You can individually tailor it to your needs.

These can be essential for people juggling multiple tasks regularly, knowing which chores they need to complete before others can highly reduce tension in a person.

A great thing about priority indexes is that they are open to change based on your requirements, making them a great companion for anyone in need.

Home page shortcuts

We are always carrying around our portable digital devices, be it laptops, tablets, or personal mobile phones. Yet, most of the time, to view or update your task list, you need to find where you input them and search through the archives.

To create a solution, Derigo Dash introduced its to-do list feature. This enables you to make any alterations to your tasks directly from your home screen.

The reason this is so helpful is that when we can’t find what we’re looking for, it distracts and irritates us. But your to-do list being present on your homepage removes that issue entirely, helping you stay focused and on track.


Managing your to-do lists is the first step, but what about actually doing those chores? It can feel strenuous and troublesome to do task after task in continuation. Some motivational and positive quotes throughout your day can help with that.

Derigo Dash presents you with a ‘Quotes’ functionality that can help alleviate your mood on a daily basis, letting you stay calm and composed.

Choose your favorite quotes from the app, which will appear when you need them, building the right mindset to keep you going and increasing overall efficiency.

The Takeaway

We all have responsibilities, and ignoring them is not an option. Use these helpful hacks to make it easier for you to get through the day without burning out, physically and psychologically.


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