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5 Things I Learned from Habit Tracking: The Undeniable Power of Healthy Habits Working

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Healthy working habits have become a dream for many. The modem lifestyle is filled to the brim with distractions.

So, what can you do to sustain healthy working habits?

Well, out of the many things you could do, keeping a habit tracker is perhaps the simplest and effective way to accomplish more by doing less!

Here’s why!

Elite performers frequently quantify, accurately measure, and track their performance in various ways. Every small measurement generates feedback. It indicates whether they are getting better or need to change direction.

“We conserve our self-control with habits,” Gretchen says.

We’ve all experienced the feeling of losing control. For me, it’s a daily roller coaster. I begin every week—every day—determined to stay on track. But what about habits? We have habits that we do on autopilot. They’re commonplace. They don’t need self-control because they don’t have to choose.

Since that revelation, I’ve grown mildly obsessed with studying habits by a healthy habits worksheet. So, today, I’ll share five things I learned from habit tracking throughout the journey.

5 Things I Learned from Habit Tracking

Accomplishing Goals & Fulfilling Values

Willpower is removed from the equation by habit. Suppose you choose healthy working habits aligned with your goals and beliefs. In that case, they get you there without demanding as much conscious effort and self-control. Goals may excite us, but our systems—our daily routines and small actions—allow us to achieve those goals.

Responding to Outer & Inner Expectations

Are you the type of individual that secretly desires to defy authority when they urge you to do something? Maybe you’re the type of person who wants someone to hold you accountable (like your boss or a personal trainer) to do a great job.

  • Obligers: The most prevalent bunch of people. Obligers fight to satisfy their own expectations, but they excel at meeting those of others.
  • Upholders: Upholders are capable of meeting both inner and outside expectations. They can usually attain their goals and be accountable to someone other than themselves.
  • Questioners: Questioners challenge both internal and external expectations. However, suppose they comprehend the expectations and agree with the why. In that case, they can satisfy either the outside or inner expectations.
  • Rebels: Rebels oppose both external and internal expectations. These people keep others’ lives… dynamic!

When you understand which character type you are, you can connect with it to develop healthy working habits that are best suitable to YOU.

Layering New Habits Onto Old Ones (Habit Stacking)

Create two columns. Note down the healthy working habits you follow every day in the first column. Secondly, write down everything that happens to you every day without fail. From here, you may assess your lists and identify some ideal locations to incorporate a new habit into your current routine.

Developing Consistency

There are two methods for keeping healthy habits worksheet: streaks and monitoring!

If you’ve ever tried any app to meditate, you’ll find that they keep a record of your streak and show you how many days straight you’ve meditated. Watching your streak progress is energizing and confidence-building.

But the drawback is that it’s easy to become frustrated when you eventually break your streak because of whatever excuse.

Using the Power of Identity to Help Habits Stick

“The best form of innate drive is when a habit becomes part of your identity. It’s different totally different from being a person who wants something and a person who IS something.” James Clear.

For those who are or love a rebel – identification is potent. So, if you tend to oppose being told what to do, whether by others or yourself, try to hold on to your identity. Take on the persona of someone who meditates, goes to the gym, and does not use their mobile at nighttime.

Say to yourself that you are the sort of person who is this.

Say to yourself that you are the sort of person who is this.

Habit Tracker: What is Derigo Dash and Why to Use It?

Derigo Dash is a simple tool for determining whether you have healthy working habits, boosting your focus, and avoiding procrastination.

A most basic method is to take a calendar and cross it off each day to follow your healthy habits worksheet. For example, if you meditate on Monday, the habit tracker will mark Wednesday, and Friday, each of those days with an X. The calendar develops a track of your habit streak as time passes.

Derigo Dash was created for the digital age worker. It transforms the new tab in your browser into a customized dashboard. The goal is to boost user creativity, focus, and motivation throughout the process.

Throughout your journey, Derigo Dash serves as a helpful guide. All you have to do is make a clear decision to put in the effort. The healthy habits worksheet on Derigo Dash is effective for three purposes.

  • It offers a visual cue that can serve as a reminder to act.
  • It’s encouraging to see how far you’ve come. You don’t want to sever your winning streak.
  • It feels good to be able to track your achievement at the moment.

Try Derigo Dash today and tell us how it benefited you to reach your objectives!


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