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5 Tips To Improve Your Focus Right Now

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The first humans had to eat, sleep and protect themselves from danger. These primal instincts need to change to match the new demands of our current environment and society. It has become hard to focus due to the information overload on our brains from the environment such as news, social media, email, messages, notifications, etc. This post will guide you with scientifically researched tips to improve your focus using Derigo Dash.

Derigo Dash was designed based on psychological principles to improve the quality of our lives. Derigo Dash transforms your browser’s new tab into a personalized dashboard. It contains customizable widgets to increase your productivity and help you achieve goals.

Do you struggle to stay focused on your assignments? Are you unhappy because it takes you too long to submit even small amounts of work? If the answer is yes, you too can increase your mental focus with practice and the right tools. Below we will share 5 different ways to gain more control in your life using Derigo Dash widgets.

1.       Live In The Moment

If you are worried about the past or planning for the future, it is hard to concentrate on work. Remember what you are doing at this exact moment is what matters. You can list your professional and personal goals in the Yearly To-Do widget. The written goals serve to remind you that delivering a good assignment today will result in a promotion later. When you find yourself daydreaming of fast food, read your personal goals to stay healthy. Subtle reminders can shift your mindset towards the right path.

Monthly Goals Widget
Monthly Goals Widget

2. Prioritize

Research proves that multitasking is highly unproductive as your mind switches contexts between each task. There is an attention residue left from your previous activity. Every morning take a few minutes to schedule your day using the DailyTo-Do widget. Remember to highlight your top 2-3 most important targets for the day. Since our mental capacity is a limited resource, be sure to budget it on things that matter most to you. Keeping few important targets prevents you from getting overwhelmed and procrastinating. Daily To-Do list will be displayed on your dashboard. Besides, looking at your list will keep you motivated to accomplish them quickly. Find out here if a maker or manager schedule suits you.

All work no play is a wrong approach towards success. Schedule each day with a fixed end time. You can list any incomplete tasks in Notes Widget for the next day. Make sure you do not work on them in the evening. You can also experiment taking a day-off once a week to relax your mind. These moments often allow your brain to come up with creative ideas for challenges you’ve been working on hard in the past days.

3.       Create The Right Environment

Once you have identified what you need to do, the next step is to create an environment that facilitates you to focus. During your scheduled work period, turn off notifications from social media applications, email accounts, and entertainment sites. Keep your office desk clean of unnecessary papers and files. Remove family pictures and playful items. Looking at the pictures, you will miss your family, and this distraction will cost you valuable time. You can activate Derigo Dash’s ‘focus mode,’ which blocks selected sites for a specific period. It also becomes easier to perform Deep work when you eliminate interruptions. Read more about deep work strategies to improve your focus and get more work done. Also, try writing random thoughts in the Notes widget so you can avoid distractions while performing work.

4. Timed Work

Research shows the productivity improves when there is time pressure. The mind automatically hyper focuses on the task at hand. This behavior is observed when students manage to prepare for an entire exam in one night. Although this habit is highly discouraged to students, we can apply this technique appropriately. Use the Pomodoro Timer widget while working. For example, set a 45 minutes timer to analyze the monthly reports, then take a 5 minutes break and repeat a second session. Finally, give yourself a realistic deadline to complete. This step will prevent you from overthinking unnecessary details. Use Pomodoro timer for short breaks. But immediately get back to work when the timer goes off.

Pomodoro Timer from Derigo Dash
Pomodoro Timer from Derigo Dash to perform deep work.

5.       Practice Focus Skills

Unless you incorporate healthy habits to refresh and regenerate yourself, your focus will deteriorate. Mindfulness is a powerful technique that can be learned by regular meditation. Meditation trains your mind to focus. You can build this habit using the Habit Tracker widget. Start with 5 minutes of morning and evening meditation and mark them off in the widget each day. Over a few months, you will notice your focus increase during work sessions.

Another good habit is writing affirmations and using positive thinking. It will uplift your spirits during times of low energy. Use the Quote widget to save inspirational sayings from successful people. Additionally, use the Notes widget to write down your thoughts and rationalize them. Dealing with emotional thoughts will relieve your mind from constant worrying.

Habit Tracker widget allows you to build new habits.
Habit Tracker allows you to build new habits.

The road to perfection is through practice. You need to work on improving focus every day for a substantial change. Try out Derigo Dash today and let us know how you intend to use the widgets to suit your work environment. 


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