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6 Proven Ways To Balance Work And Life

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The purpose behind every innovation and development was to decrease man’s workload. However, humans have only gotten busier over time. We have reached a point at which we choose to ignore our personal lives and concentrate only on work responsibilities. The stress of constantly working can lead to failed relationships, serious health, and mental issues. The solution is finding a good work life balance.

To create a work-life balance, we fantasize about a productive day, with some time in between to take a break, take a walk, and listen to a podcast. At the end of the day, we’ve completed all of our work assignments. And then in the evening we enjoy some time with friends, family and enjoy our hobbies. Balance in work and life is achieved over time, not within the span of a day. Expect more work on some days while other days are filled with more leisure and fun activities.

Q. How To Create Work Life Balance?

Successful people who seem to have it all under control do two things. Firstly, they disregard perfectionism in their work. Secondly, they play on their strengths. Instead of following others’ paths, determine what works best for you. Derigo Dash is a personalized dashboard for your browser. It is designed to cater to the specific needs of its user. The flexibility to customize the dashboard and its widget gives you endless possibilities. It will help you create a perfect balance between your professional and personal life. This blog will cover 6 ways you can achieve work-life balance using Derigo Dash and its customizable widgets.

1. Health Comes First

Maintaining good physical, mental and emotional health should be your number one priority. If you are tired and exhausted your performance and productivity will deteriorate. We rush through simple chores such as cleaning our house, laundry, and even cooking because we never seem to have enough time. Schedule time to take care of yourself. A neat clean workspace is easier to work in. Eating a home-cooked meal at the end of the day will lift your spirits unlike microwaving meals every single night. Take a few minutes to follow simple morning rituals that start the day on a positive note. Use the habit tracker widget to create habits such as regular exercise and meditation. Scheduling them will hold you accountable.

Derigo Dash- Habit Tracker Widget

2. Use Different Dashboards For Your Work And Private Time

It is essential to give the same importance to your personal lives as you do to your work life. Each dashboard design determines your mental atmosphere. You can design specific dashboards for your professional work, personal affairs, and side projects. Using different dashboards for work and private life will keep both aspects separate and prevent you from getting distracted. Each dashboard will keep your focus on To-Dos that you need to complete. This organizational technique will drastically reduce your mental stress.

3. Effective Scheduling

How do you know you have done enough? And when to stop? Well, you need a list of targets for each day. Learn if a maker or manager’s schedule is more suited to your personality. Define your goals at the beginning of the day using the Daily To-Do widget. This prevents you from getting overwhelmed during the day.

The most significant benefit of the To-Do list is that it provides you with a deadline. If you finish the tasks early you are done for the day. Since delays are unavoidable, establish the end time for your day. Commit to stop working after this time. Make a list of your incomplete tasks in the Notes widget for the next day.

Derigo Dash – Daily To-Do Widget

4. Pomodoro Timer For Deep Work

A Pomodoro timer widget is an excellent tool for deep work. Deep work allows you to accomplish more in a short time as it requires intense focus and eliminates distractions. Use the timer for all your activities whether it is a work report, focusing on your side project, or learning new skills online. The timer limits you from spending time on unnecessary activities and increases the deliberate time you spend on the things that matter to you.

5. Change Your Setting

For a good work life balance, you need an occasional change of setting. We end up going in circles with the same routines, same activities, and same people. Use the Calendar widget to allocate a day or weekend away every few weeks. Plan a weekend getaway or explore new places nearby. Even a day at a spa or health club will do you wonders. Having a fun activity to look forward to will keep you motivated while working. Downtime will relax and refresh your spirits, which drastically improves your productivity.

6. Journal Your Thoughts

Finally, use the Notes widget for journaling. Research has shown people who regularly journal are more satisfied and content with their life. Ending the day with 5-minutes of gratitude will ease your mind and reduce stress. As you write down your thoughts you increase your self-awareness. Humans cannot process everything in their minds, a physical list allows you to deal with issues logically.

Derigo Dash - Notes Widget
Derigo Dash – Notes Widget

Lastly, remember striking a good work-life balance requires continuous effort because we live in a dynamic world. Try out Derigo Dash today and let us know how you plan to customize it to suit your life.


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