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9 Most Practical Methods to Upscale Your Productivity

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As the world is getting advanced and there’s a rapid influx of modern tech that simplifies your work, keeping your boosting productivity up to the mark has become even more essential. For any goods or services you provide, meeting the demands of your customers is necessary for acquiring a good name for yourself.

Without a suitable increase in productivity, the economy cannot progress smoothly and may decline.

Now you may think if productivity is limited to mega-corporations, what does that have to do with us, especially if we’re getting all our tasks done?

That’s because a person can always become more productive than he was the previous day. This will not only help get tasks completed quicker but also leave you with a psychological high at the end of the day, knowing you achieved a lot more.

Productivity and Efficiency

Being more efficient is directly related to enhanced productivity. When you’re finishing tasks faster in the same amount of time, you’re accomplishing a higher output with no significant surge in input. This will leave you with a greater proportion of free time, ultimately giving you a sense of fulfillment and leading a happier life!

There are various ways to boost day-to-day productivity

1.   Task-Based Methods

Tracking Time Taken in Tasks

We often start tasks without setting limits for ourselves. Unfortunately, this leads to us hyper-focusing on one task while neglecting our deadlines, not leaving enough time for the rest.

Instead, always track how much time you took to complete a certain task and reduce the duration of attempting it. To make this easy, turn on Habit Tracker to keep track of day-to-day activities found on Derigo Dash.

Form and Maintain Task Lists

Think about what tasks you need to get done on a particular day. Don’t think ahead or regret the time lost. Focus on completing today’s tasks in the given time. Use Derigo Dash’s To-Do list feature to list down, define and prioritize your daily tasks. It opens on your home screen so you can easily modify and remember everything on your list.

Finish Urgent Tasks At Prime Times!

Your energy levels aren’t the same throughout the day. For example, you’re charged and motivated in the morning or evening, helping to finish tasks faster. Schedule important assignments that require more focus and effort at these prime times so they don’t become a headache at the end of the day.

2.   Time-Based Productivity

Take Systematic Breaks

Breaks are extremely important. Not only for your own well-being, but it also affects the quality of your work. A restless, tired employee will have lower productivity scores than a fresh, well-rested one. Use the Pomodoro technique to take efficient breaks while remaining productive throughout the day, available on the Derigo Dash app.

Set Self-Imposed Deadlines

Deadlines are extremely important. They make you punctual and get things done on time. Set deadlines for each task to have a constant reminder while you work. If the deadline ends, wind up your work and move on to the next chore. Otherwise, you’ll end up stuck.

Make Use of Every Minute

Life waits for no one. We’ve all heard that. But do we ever apply it to our lives? What you do every minute is crucial to how your day goes. Don’t spend time idling.

Think about what steps you must take to get ahead in life. Derigo Dash’s Notepad application is useful for this. Record all your thoughts and ideas to reflect on later, so no time is wasted on your day.

3.   Individual-based Productivity

Say No To Meetings!

A lot of the time, something comes up which calls us away from work. Learn to say no. When you’re in a flow of work, you can’t keep breaking it for trivial meetings. Politely decline invites while explaining you’re busy, so the other party understands without being offended.

Remove Distractions At Work Time to Boost Productivity

Social media, games, workplace banter. These are major contributors to low workplace productivity. When it’s time to work, turn away from all gadgets and keep out of small talk to accomplish your tasks faster.

Learn and Improve Every Day!

Every day isn’t the same. Due to a plethora of reasons, your day can go less productive than the previous one. Don’t get hung up on failure, as it’ll affect the coming days as well. Instead, use the quotes feature found on Derigo Dash to build the right mindset and keep you motivated throughout the day.

How Productivity Can Turn Your Life Around

People talk a lot about being productive and getting up, and completely turning their lives around. Productivity leads to more success in careers, reduces stress, opens new doors and opportunities for the individual, and increases overall reputation amongst your peers. So start today and see the stark changes in your life.

The Takeaway

Productivity is important for everyone. From students in their education to business tycoons raising profits, every individual should focus on increasing productivity and leading more efficient lives.

Therefore, having an all-inclusive tool like Derigo Dash that caters to all your requirements is absolutely crucial!


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