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Best Habits For Personal Growth

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In pursuit of higher productivity, we have adopted effective morning routines. We have also learned to perform deep work and use helpful practices like Pomodoro Technique to get the most out of our time. However, a weekly review is one of the good habits that is often overlooked. It is extremely essential for anyone looking to drastically increase their productivity.

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Every successful company emphasizes on a thorough and timely progress report and review. Then why is it that we fail to spend time reviewing and reflecting on ourselves? Although before celebrating our weekends, we pass a judgement on how the week went but it is usually emotional and biased. If you completed work targets or got complimented, you would consider it a good week. In case you made a mistake and had to redo your work you would believe it was a poor week. This event should be considered good because it was an opportunity for you to learn and grow.

An effective weekly review is a simple process that requires critical analysis. It should not take you more than one hour. It might feel difficult at first but the benefits you receive are enormous and worth the effort.

How to do a good weekly review?

Now that you see the importance of a weekly review, it is time to learn the proper procedure. Derigo Dash  will assist you and will keep you motivated throughout the process and helps you increase your self-awareness

In this post we will explain how to do a good weekly review and how you can use Derigo to adopt this new habit.


The first step to any good review starts with clarification on what you’d like to reflect on. You have to release emotions and remove any self-biases to do a critical analysis. The notes widget is a simple note application that you can use to write down your thoughts. You can use a technique called stream of consciousness journaling to get everything on paper within 20 minutes. Whether you think they are logical or not, it will ease your mind. Journaling is one of the habits to continue throughout your life. New habits can be easily developed using the Habit Tracker widget.

Derigo Dash - Notes Widget
Derigo Dash – Notes Widget For Journaling


The second step is to evaluate your work during the past week. If you use Derigo Dash while working this step would be very easy. All you have to do is check the Daily To-Do widget and see how many targets you accomplished each day. What work remained pending and if you were able to make up for it later.

Next, opposite to each target, write a few words as reasons for the results. What caused you to complete the task and what hindrances delayed your work process. Was it a deep work session that enabled you to finish the entire target in one go? Or was it because you scheduled the activity during morning time? Reflection is the best method to increase self-awareness.

Ensure that you carry out this step without judgment. The purpose of this review is to learn your strengths and improve on the weaknesses. It is also an excellent opportunity to appreciate your efforts and celebrate your achievements.

Derigo Dash Pomodoro Timer
Derigo Dash – Pomodoro Timer To Deep Work


The final step is to prepare for next week. The previous step should provide you with enough insights to make a sensible schedule for the coming week. If you worked best during the early hours of the day. Make sure to schedule the hardest tasks at the day’s start. If you feel blocking one hour for an activity is too long for you to maintain good concentration. Following week try using the Pomodoro Timer with 45 minutes sessions with short breaks.

In the Weekly To-Do list your major targets for the week. Having a written plan will prevent you from procrastinating while eliminating the friction of starting. It will save you precious time during the week. Additionally, you will be more focused on the target, if you have a clearly planned out and divided task for the week.

Weekly To-Do Widget to create good habits
Derigo Dash-Weekly To-Do Widget To Create Good Habits

This review is not limited to work goals. It should be used for personal growth as well. Habits such as these can accelerate your progress in self-improvement. For example, if you are shy and your goal is to work on improving your public speaking. Do a weekly review to measure your progress. Evaluate the experience of the previous week. Note down the duration and number of times you addressed someone in your office and in public. Prepare some speaking material for the upcoming weekly meeting in your office. Being ready will increase your confidence. Such exercises will equip you with the right tools to improve and grow in any area. Using Derigo Dash makes the process smooth and easy.

Try out Derigo Dash today and let us know how the habit of a weekly review helped you appreciate your efforts and work on areas that were lacking.


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