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Best Pomodoro Timer To Become Deep Work Expert

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You may be wondering how a simple tool like a Pomodoro Timer helps you become a deep work expert. Well, this ticking clock provides enough structure and pressure to achieve this!

What Is Deep Work?

The term was first coined by Cal Newport, author of the book ‘Deep Work’. We use his words to define what deep work is,

“Professional activity performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that pushes your cognitive capabilities to their limit. These efforts create new value, improve your skill, and are hard to replicate.”

Why Deep Work?

We are all in a race to accomplish bigger goals by doing more every day. However, we seem to be standing still. We frequently indulge in shallow work that is urgent but unimportant. Living in a world full of distractions, that are constantly fighting for our attention. We are unaware of how to concentrate on tasks that matter. Learning how to deep work will help in prioritizing your goals. Also, gain focus and increase your concentration to achieve your full potential.

Derigo Dash Pomodoro Timer

Read our deep work strategies here. To sum deep work in few words with Cal’s saying,

“The ability to perform deep work is becoming increasingly rare at exactly the same time it is becoming increasingly valuable in our economy”.

How To Do Deep Work?

Well, it is a seemingly simple recipe. It requires you to observe how you work best. Then plan out the high-priority work and remove distractions from your environment. While working monitor your behavior. Finally, practice self-discipline to stay committed to your task.

Why A Pomodoro Timer?

Previously we mentioned the Pomodoro timer will help you to perform deep work. The reason behind its success is tricking your brain into concentrating on one particular task for a limited amount of time. To build a habit of deep work you need sufficient repetitions. This is where the Pomodoro timer comes in handy. You set the timer for 25 minutes. Tell yourself that’s all the time you need to spend on your task. As the timer countdowns, we see the finish line and stay focused on our task. When we have unlimited time on our hands we begin to procrastinate. It is only the fear of a deadline that gets us moving at the end.

Create more focus time with Derigo Dash

Effective Time Management System

Now that you agree you can work for 25 minutes straight, let’s expand its application for more effective results. Derigo Dash is a highly efficient time management system. A system complete with valuable widgets customizable to achieve any goal. After installation, Derigo Dash will turn your browser’s new tab into a personalized dashboard that creates focus and motivation.

Derigo Dash offers you a Pomodoro Timer. When this timer is used in combination with other widgets you will observe remarkable improvement in your focus and concentration. Additionally, performing deep work will require less effort. We will discuss the benefits of Pomodoro Timer below and how to use other widgets available on Derigo Dash.

Benefits Of Pomodoro Timer

1. Lock Your Focus Onto The Task While Eliminating Distractions

Pomodoro timer will fix the duration of your task. You can divide a project into smaller sections. For example, if you need to submit a research paper, add this to the ‘Goals’ widget. Then break into smaller tasks and schedule them in the ‘Weekly To-Do’ widget. The first 25 minutes are allocated to searching ten journals. Subsequent 25-minute sessions are used to quickly read these journals and summarize them. Seeing the clock on your screen simulates a race against time. As a result, it will prevent you from wasting valuable seconds on fine print and insignificant details. Besides, Dash allows you to activate focus mode. It will stop interruptions such as emails for a limited period.

2. Allow Well Deserved Breaks

It is essential to take short breaks after a good work period. Like any machine, your brain needs to recharge and unload. When the Pomodoro Timer pings after 25 minutes you reset it for another 5 minutes. Use the break to drink water or walk to the window. Restart your work once the timer ends. If you check Instagram, you will avoid internet dive on your friend’s vacation, due to less time. A limited time will increase the quality of your relaxing period. The ‘Habit tracker’ widget is useful to build new habits. For instance, drink more water or start meditating daily for 5 minutes to relax your mind during your break.

3. Understand The Realistic Task Duration

Humans tend to underestimate what they can achieve in a day simply because of high motivation at the start. A timer will show you exactly how long a particular task takes. It will provide you with tangible data. Consequently, this data will help in more effective scheduling. The ‘Daily To-Do’ widget assists by keeping you on track with reminders throughout the day.

4. Show What You Achieved

Once you see the evidence of completed work within the timed sessions. You will be more appreciative of your efforts and keep the momentum going. Derigo Dash displays weekly progress on your screen as a visual indicator of your achievement.

5. Assess The Quality Of Your Focus

Derigo Dash brings your focus and breaks down your goals. Now you have to learn to mitigate any internal interruptions. The constant thoughts of unrelated tasks will hinder your deep work. You can use the ‘Note’ widget as a scratchpad. Write down random thoughts that can be dealt with later on. Over time you will observe higher concentration on tasks. As you train your mind with the timer to stay focused, the mental noise will reduce.

6. Gauge Your Productivity

Executing your work using a timer will give you physical evidence regarding your work aptitude. You may notice that your peak performance happens early in the morning. When you can do difficult tasks in a shorter duration. This self-awareness will assist in scheduling important tasks when your mind is most active.

7. Provide Motivation To Exceed Past Performance

It is a good idea to end your day with a 5-minute journal using the ‘Notes’ widget. You can document your progress, reflect on your behavior, and list any incomplete tasks for the following day. The following day when you are working on them, you will automatically aim to beat your previous time. 

The success of deep work lies in the elements of advance planning and self-training. The emphasis should be on habits and efficient rituals. The will-power is unreliable and eventually runs out. The core concept of Derigo Dash for its users is achieving higher satisfaction. Besides, being completely customizable to suit your work environment. It will help you program yourself for higher productivity every day.


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