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People are always talking about how they’ve made schedules for themselves, and they follow them too but still don’t see significant improvement in their lives. That’s because simply making a daily schedule list isn’t enough. You need to see if it suits you and whether or not it improves your overall day.

A schedule that doesn’t make you more efficient is not a schedule you want to follow.

You might be thinking, what else could go into making a to-do list except for listing down everything you need to get down?

Several factors affect your productivity levels throughout the day. Knowing how to utilize those factors to your advantage can benefit you greatly.

Not everyone has the same 9-5 daily routine, and workloads can vary from individual to individual. That’s why it’s also extremely important to understand how the following factors apply to you.

Suppose you work from home or have flexible work hours, tailor your schedule as you see fit because your high-productivity times will differ from those working jobs with fixed hours.

Understanding Productivity at Different Times of the Day

Your energy levels won’t be the same in the afternoon as they are in the morning. So when you rise, you’re fresh, and there isn’t a lot going on, while if we look at afternoons or evenings, you’re burnt out.

Multiple happenings will have influenced your mood, and productivity levels will probably be down.

Having a strong grasp of this concept can make a huge difference. Once you’ve recognized peak times when you’re at your best, you can schedule important tasks which require the most focus in those hours rather than scattering them throughout the day.

Keep out unimportant tasks such as calls or meetings, so your productive hours are not wasted on mundane chores.

It is important to realize that everyone is built differently. While some people can see better results while working in the morning, others may be more productive at night. Find out when you’re at your best and plan your tasks accordingly.

Realizing the Importance of Breaks and When to Take Them

Many people think taking breaks is a sign of laziness and will bring down their daily productivity. However, researches boast different results.

Taking breaks can greatly increase your overall efficiency and elevate your mood if taken are the correct times.

Taking breaks is important, but that doesn’t mean you go ahead and idly surf the web for the entirety of your break.

That won’t positively affect your mindset and will end up leaving you tired and frustrated. Instead, space out your breaks and allot each time for different types.

Try new methods to see which one works best for you, such as nature walks, meditating, coffee breaks, or casual socializing with coworkers.

If you’re having trouble planning them or sticking to a daily schedule in your mind, try out Derigo Dash’s ‘Pomodoro Timer’ feature.

This feature allows you to allocate a fixed time for work and take breaks at regular intervals. Use this technique to allow yourself some respite from your hectic workdays. Learn more about this method here.

Utilizing Every Hour of the Day

We mentioned above how some hours can prove to be more productive than others. But that doesn’t mean you waste the rest of the day sitting around, doing nothing.

Learning how to seize every opportunity that presents itself is crucial to increasing productivity for a daily planner.

If we break down how people go about their day and their corresponding mood, it is apparent that most peak in the morning, require rest/ are drained in the afternoon and can complete smaller tasks in the evening before finishing up for the day.

Considering you follow the same biorhythm, you should always

  1. Look to schedule tasks demanding more attention in these hours
  2. Take a break or cross out mundane chores which don’t require too much focus
  3. Finish off tasks that need more brainstorming and thinking rather than attention

Derigo Dash’s ‘Notepad’ functionality can aid you with not letting your creativity juice go to waste. Jot down all your thoughts and ideas whenever and wherever you are.

This allows you to think about how you should go about the remaining tasks even when you’re not motivated enough to see them through at the moment.

Update your daily planner now, and don’t let any second of your day go to waste.

The Takeaway

Everyone has a daily schedule, but not every schedule brings out the best version of you. Another thing to remember is that circumstances are never the same.

Some days will feel better than others, and on some days, you won’t feel like getting out of bed.

Always heed what you feel like doing because forcing yourself into work will never work. Other than that, follow these tips to boost your efficiency and create your perfect daily schedule.


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