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Effective goal setting with Warren Buffet’s 5/25 rule

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Goal setting

A goal is an idea of a person’s ambitions and dreams that they plan to achieve. Just like starting a new career, our New Year resolutions can also be considered as goals. We are all guilty of getting attracted by the latest trends; it may be a new exercise regimen or a beauty routine and even the latest money-making scheme. Slowly the frequency of these activities decreases. Eventually, our resolutions become part of a distant memory. We all wonder how to set goals like Warren Buffet and other successful entrepreneurs.

Why is it that we never follow through and most of our dreams never come true? We need to understand that even though technology and new knowledge have created facilities, they are not very beneficial. The ease of accessibility has only increased our choices. Every day more activities require our attention. However, our attention or mental capacity is limited. We end up dividing energy into several activities without receiving substantial results. We need to learn to smartly budget our efforts to produce the results we desire.

Previously we had to enroll in a physical institution to learn a new skill set. Now you can register to an online learning platform and learn a new course from the comfort of your home. Considering the statistics, more people graduated from the institution regardless of the more costly, time-consuming, and hard work required than the online learners. Besides, without the fear of accountability, we begin to procrastinate.

Derigo Dash is a personal Startpage for your browser’s new tab. The simple design and concept hide huge benefits. It helps its user in effective goal setting and provides tools to plan for their goals and motivate them to follow through. It keeps your progress in check through self-evaluation. Consequently, it increases your overall productivity.

Who is Warren Buffet?

Warren Buffet, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, is one of the top 10 richest people in the world. Commonly known as one of the most successful investors globally. He summarized his years of success into a 5/25 rule. Speaking to the public, he expressed that effective goal setting is the key to achieving anything you desire. Additionally, if you work on a maximum of five goals at any time, you will allocate enough attention and effort to them to finish.

Below we list three steps you can follow to put Warren Buffet’s 5/25 rule into practice. By the end, you will be able to set goals like Warren Buffet. The Derigo Dash provides efficient tools in the form of customizable widgets. These widgets will allow you to plan and execute any plan you develop to accomplish your dreams.

Step 1: List all your goals.

Begin by listing all your goals in the Notes widget. There is no restriction. Include all your personal and professional goals and targets. If you started an online course and want to finish, write that down as well.

Derigo Dash - Notes Widget
Derigo Dash – Notes Widget

Step 2: Use Warren Buffet’s 5/25 rule on your list.

This step is the most time-consuming but crucial if you want to set goals like Warren Buffet. Number your top 25 goals based on their priority using your list from the previous step. Take your time and imagine what you want your life to be like in the next five years. Similarly, determine what goals will bring the most value to your life instead of making emotional choices. Learning a new language seems cool, but unless you want to move to the country of the language, it has little benefits. Your time is just as valuable as your money. If you have an office job, it is more useful to learn a computer-based skill.

Next, save this list for later but separate the top 5 goals. These five goals should receive your highest priority from now. Unless you finish one of the five goals, you cannot get started on a new one.

Derigo Dash - Todo Widget
Derigo Dash – Todo Widget

Step 3: Start working on your goals.

Surprisingly when you have limited targets, your focus and concentration improve. For each of the five goals, estimate the time duration. If your online course requires 12 hours of learning and you can spend 2 hours each weekend, it will take you one and half months to complete. In the Monthly To-Do widget mark a deadline for the course every two weeks. These deadlines will keep you in check and prevent you from lagging off.

The habit tracker is an excellent tool to stay committed to your goals. If you want to read regularly, schedule 30 minutes at the end of the day in the Daily To-Do widget. Mark off the activity in the habit tracker once you complete reading. Little progress daily will make a huge impact over time.

Additionally, use the Pomodoro technique to deep work on your goals. Deep work is uninterrupted work carried out with intense concentration. Use a Pomodoro Timer widget while working. Be specific on what work you want to finish, so you are aware of the finish line.

Pomodoro Timer from Derigo Dash
Pomodoro Timer from Derigo Dash

Lastly, remember that quality over quantity matters. Aim to acquire competency in a few areas of your interest instead of being below average on multiple things. Derigo Dash’s customizable design will allow you to create routines that suit your specific needs. Try out Derigo Dash today, and let us know what goals you want to achieve first.


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