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Experiment With These Proven 5 Ways Of Goal Setting

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We have all felt hopeless after trying and failing to achieve our goals using the famous and recommended methods. The truth is no human mind works the same. So how do you expect one publicized goal setting method to work for everyone? The way to greater productivity comes from playing with your strengths.

Derigo Dash is an ingenious application. It turns your browser’s new tab into a personalized dashboard. Its success lies in the fact that you’re exposed to what’s important to you every time that you open a new tab. It is completely customizable to your specific needs. With a user-friendly interface and simple widgets, you become the master of your working space. Below we discuss how you can use Derigo Dash to try some unconventional goal setting methods.

1. Create Opposite Goals

There are various studies that show people who followed through with their plans, designed their schedules with fun activities first. This does not mean to fill your entire week with leisure events. You need to learn to have a healthy balance in your life. Create opposite goals for activities that you do not like.

For example, if you hate conducting meetings all day long, is it possible to combine the meetings? Can you restrict meetings to a specific time of the day? There are always alternate ways to achieve a target. Learn to outsource all activities that consume your time and energy but do not produce substantial results.

2. Focus On Micro-Goals

When setting our goals, we tend to focus more on the end result. However, the people who enjoy the process of achieving goals tend to be more successful in the long run. Derigo Dash has To-Do widgets that you can use to define your goals on a yearly, monthly, weekly and daily basis. These are designed to help you align your long-term goals and to create micro-goals on a day to day basis. These are achievable targets that can be completed easily within the given time. Smaller targets when accomplished become milestones and give a boost to continue further.

Another way to complete micro-goals is by creating new habits. For example, someone trying to learn to code can make a habit of doing one exercise a few times in the week. They are not required to do a different topic every time, even repeating the same exercise is sufficient. They will gain proficiency with more practice. As a result, they will move onto more challenging concepts and over time achieve their goal. The habit tracker widget can help tremendously as you can record and mark off your completed tasks.

Creating good habits can help aid your goal setting technique
Derigo Dash- Habit Tracker Widget

3. Make Your Goals Desirable

Most of our goals are focused on better personal and professional life. However, we get tangled in the game of numbers. Earning higher sums, reading for a longer time or running greater miles. After initial excitement you start to lag off. Instead of forcing numbers, create a desirable theme for your goal. You want to earn more? Find an activity you love. Next polish your skills and monetize them. The possibilities to learn and expand your resources are endless now.

Create a vision of your future in the image widget. Pictures provide different perspectives on how you look at them. Words will always read the same message. It will help you follow through on your goal.

4. Re-examine Your Mindset

If you keep sitting in the fishless pond forever, you will never catch a fish. Unless you change your environment and mindset, you will keep getting the same results. Often people try harder but using their old methods. Eventually they become more disappointed as they make no significant progress. That’s why reevaluating and improving your mindset is important.

Derigo Dash allows you to create multiple dashboards with differing purposes. Having a separate dashboard for your personal goals and business targets will keep you more organized. You will observe greater productivity as your focus improves in different settings. Try out new work methods such as deep work and pomodoro technique. They help you gain maximum use out of your time.

5. Goal Setting vs Ritual Building

Finally, try changing your goal setting approach from goal driven to passion driven. We like to set such crazy goals that they can overwhelm us into doing nothing. An internal resistance builds up when the finish line is out of our sight. As a radical approach, set no goals at all. Consequently, you will realize your mind gravitating towards things that you truly want to achieve.

Instead every morning, start your day with rituals that you enjoy such as eating a delicious breakfast or listening to your favorite speaker’s podcast. Having a relaxed and clear mind, create a simple schedule in the Daily To-Do widget. This schedule is to help you navigate your day, not to force you to complete a week’s work in a couple of hours.

Derigo Dash- Daily ToDo Widget

People expect goals to be hard work and filled with miserable time. Try out the opposite but happy and healthy approach for goal setting using Derigo Dash today. It will ease your mind and make the process effortless.


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