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Ultimate Goal Setting Method To Succeed Like Tony Robbins

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We have often heard of the name Tony Robbins. Do you know who he is? Apart from being an author, speaker, coach, philanthropist, he is also the owner of over 56 businesses, making almost 6 billion annually. So how does he do it? He uses goal-targeted thinking, called the Rapid Planning Method or RPM. He has developed this powerful goal-setting technique. It helps people focus on important things in their lives instead of spending time doing urgent and necessary work only.

The Rapid Planning Method has helped millions of people achieve their goals and lead satisfying lives. This post looks at how we can all implement RPM in our lives using Derigo Dash. Derigo Dash is the solution for the new age. The application aims to accomplish the same things as Tony Robbins does; to help its user focus on their goals and make the process straightforward, so they succeed.

Derigo Dash has few necessary widgets to prevent overwhelming its user. These are customizable to allow flexibility. You can use the application for both professional and personal goals. It will improve your productivity as you will increase your concentration on the work and keep you motivated during the process.

Let’s see how to use RPM for effective goal setting.

Step 1: Capture

Tony says visualizing your goals is the most important step. Make sure to clear your mind and design an image of what you want to accomplish. The clearer the picture, the easier it is to achieve. Think long-term, and once you have a clear idea, save it! Image widget is an excellent tool to keep inspirational images of what you want. Besides, our thinking shifts with our experiences and emotions, so if you do this exercise every day, your goals might change. This is not productive, as a result, you will never make any progress. You can set a reminder in Derigo Dash to show you images of your goals regularly.

Step 2: Create an RPM plan

The next step is creating a massive action plan. Begin by asking, ‘what is my outcome?’ Regardless of your goals, adopt result-oriented thinking. Before stepping into a meeting, answer this question, and you will not waste a single minute in the meeting. Additionally, be as clear and specific as to accelerate your progress. If the aim of the meeting is marketing your new product, participants will provide vague ideas. But if you aim to reach 2 million people through social media sites, you will receive more focused solutions.

Secondly, write a purpose for each outcome. Why are you doing this? If you aim to lose weight for a summer body, then that’s how long you are likely to commit. In contrast, if your aim is a healthier lifestyle, you will continue your efforts even after reaching your target weight.

Finally, goal setting like Tony Robbins does not end without making a massive action plan. He recommends using The Pareto Principle, which says narrow down the 20 activities that bring 80% of your results. This practice will serve as a road map to achieve your goals.

Carry out this step using the Notes widget. The Note’s widget is a simple writing tool. Get all your ideas in physical form, then edit to finalize your action plan.

Derigo Dash-Notes Widget

Step 3: Commit and Schedule

Now all you need to do is allocate targets in your daily schedule. Use the Daily To-Do widget to  plan your day. Also, group similar tasks and outsource extra activities to make time to work on your goals. By scheduling a specific activity, you increase your chances of accomplishing them.

For example, learning photoshop is a very general goal. Instead, keep a target to join an online Photoshop course, a reason to improve your graphic designing skills. Then you can schedule your 20-hour course into a 30-minute session every evening. Block half-hour every day at 5 pm on the Calendar Widget. This way, you will stay committed till the end of the course.

Derigo Dash-Daily To-Do Widget

Step 4: Complete and Achieve

Tony Robbin says goal setting is only successful if you follow through. Sounds obvious, but many people quit after planning because it is hard work. Derigo Dash will help you break down long-term goals into smaller monthly and weekly targets. It displays your completed activities on the screen. Seeing your progress will keep you consistent in your efforts.

Step 5: Celebrate

Lastly, celebrate every little achievement. A good fix for your business problem is a reason to celebrate. Appreciating your hard work gives you the energy to do more and better.

What are you waiting for? Try Derigo Dash today for setting goals like Tony Robbins. When implemented using Derigo Dash’s useful widgets, his Rapid Planning Method is guaranteed to produce great results.


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