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Goal Setting Techniques To Live A Successful Life

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We are all frustrated from repeated goal setting but never achieving our dreams. Jordan Peterson is a renowned clinical psychologist and author of 12 Rules For Life. He says we fail because we set goals about things that are not important to us or we make them so difficult that we don’t want to achieve them. Instead of fueling our passions, our plans create misery in our lives hence the reason for our failure. Trick is to have goals that we truly believe will make our lives better in the long run.

Derigo Dash is an ingenious application that turns your browser’s new tab into a personalized dashboard. The design is completely customizable and gives you the freedom to create your own working atmosphere that suits your personality. If you work in a space of your choosing you are more likely to follow through and stick to the end. It improves your overall productivity. The widgets are extremely valuable as they decrease your mental workload while keeping you focused and motivated. They allow you to track your progress. You will be more content with your work and appreciative of your efforts as you achieve milestones towards your goals.

Below are summarized key points from Jordan Peterson’s book to help you live a life that is worth living.

Take Responsibility For Yourself

Jordan says in order to live a satisfactory life you have to take responsibility for your actions. Doing nothing is easy as it requires no effort. Firstly, you need to imagine what kind of life you want to have. Derigo Dash lets you choose images of your future vision that inspire you. Secondly, you have to imagine the life you will have if you fail. Only if you see the negative result of doing nothing will you be motivated to make an effort towards your goals.

Take the time to come up with meaningful goals. Goals that give you a purpose in life greater than personal gain. If you imagine being a thriving businessman; address a problem and present people with a solution as your service. When the goals help others, you will always find strength to continue delivering even during a phase of struggle. Most successful people like Bill Gates and Elon Musk failed repeatedly and were rejected multiple times. However, these people stuck to their vision that was ahead of their time and followed through. You can choose inspirational quotes from such successful people in the Quote widget to keep you motivated as well.

Derigo Dash - Notes Widget
Derigo Dash – Notes Widget

Create Sharp And Clear Goals

Although goal setting is an exciting process, if it is done incorrectly, it causes failure. Jordan emphasizes that the goal setting process should be very precise. Regardless of the size of your goal, be specific about the outcome. He says creating fuzzy goals and dreams saves us from accepting our failures. Our inattentional blindness prevents us from reaching our full potential. The Notes widget is a notepad application to create your plans, write your goals and make note of any important detail. It keeps your thoughts organized and releases your stress as you deal with your thoughts logically.  A simple technique is to create SMART goals in the Notes widget.

Specific: If you want your business booming, do not think I want more clients. Specify that I will contact a minimum of 50 people to generate more clients and relationships.

Measurable: Ensure that your goals are quantifiable. Instead of establishing a goal for the month as social media marketing, allocate each week to reach out to 20 influencers on each social media website.

Attainable: Set goals that are possible but challenging. It is impossible to gain a hundred thousand customers in the first month of launch. Aim to reach the locals and continue engaging your targeted customer base to generate publicity.

Realistic: Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. If it is your first business, get help from professionals and hire expert services. Your goal should have the flexibility to allow for hurdles and inconveniences.

Time-bound: Having deadlines keep you on track. For each target specify the duration. Remember to give a buffer period for unexpected situations and delays.

Goal setting
Derigo Dash Widgets-Goal setting

Treat Yourself Kindly

Finally, one of the most crucial steps of effective goal setting is to learn how to treat yourself. Elaborating Jordan’s words, we try to force ourselves using a strict and serious work schedule. The greatest resistance towards our goals comes from within yourself. As soon as you act like a tyrant boss you will begin to rebel like a bad employee. Learn to negotiate with yourself just like you would with someone you care about and want to succeed.

Use the Daily To-Do widget to create a schedule for a day that you will be excited to wake up to. Begin by dividing your time between work and fun. For example, 50% of your time for work, 30% for obligations and 20% for fun activities. If you want to do difficult work, guarantee there is a reward waiting when you finish.

Follow these simple steps and create your plan to turn all your dreams into reality using Derigo Dash and its helpful widgets.


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