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How Tidying Up Your To-Do List Can Revolutionize Your Life

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As time progresses, we see a drastic increase in responsibilities and workload. Regardless of where you’re from, your socio-economic background, or your career of choice, growing up adds a plethora of new tasks to your plate. A lot of people counter this. They form a to-do list to organize their tasks but what’s the point if even your daily to-do lists start to feel overwhelming?

This could be the case for millions of people who keep on adding new assignments, blissfully unaware of how this decreases productivity in the long run. Unfortunately, you cannot avoid this. As additional work pops up every day unless you take steps to optimize and tidy up your to-do lists.

Here at Derigo Dash, we assist you in doing just that. Being a personal dashboard application. It allows you to plan your day with multiple to-do lists right on your front page. Edit, prioritize and reorganize your to-do lists with ease.

Relation Between Tidying Up And Productivity

People often wonder if the entire point of to-do lists is to increase efficiency, why do they need to reorganize it every once in a while?

Every system requires updates sooner or later, and to-do lists are no exception. Maintenance of to-do lists is crucial, not just because it increases productivity by showing you what tasks are urgent, but also, an unorganized to-do list will leave you confused and overwhelmed on where to start.

Tidying up isn’t just about prioritizing, it also entails removal and redefinition of your work.

You can see this when you remove excess or unimportant tasks. It makes the list seem shorter. Gives you a boost of motivation, and helps you focus on matters you must attend to first.

To-do lists aren’t exclusive to people working regular jobs either, rather many CEOs and business tycoons have applied this method.

Here’s a small compilation of what they do every day. Stuff that helps them to be the best versions of themselves and continue to grow their businesses to new heights.

Changes You’ll See After Optimizing Your To-Do List

Understanding how to-do lists work and perfecting your own doesn’t just increase productivity.

As stated above and in many other ways, it can help boost motivation to complete the remaining tasks. Once you’ve crossed off something important from your list, there is a sense of relief that you can relish before moving on to the next task.

Not only this, but knowing you’ve completed a chore fills one with a sense of accomplishment, urging him to keep the flow going.

Besides motivation, it also helps in building effective habits. For example, completing chores daily keeps you active and moving all the time.

People who are well-versed with to-do lists see an increase in punctuality as they time themselves in accordance with their tasks, and going off-track or getting distracted can result in delays.

Here comes another benefit, discipline. To-do lists raise discipline levels by having people stick to their tasks and reducing interruptions.

Use Derigo’s ‘Habit Tracker’ to track your habits consistently and stay on schedule. These effects aren’t always immediate or evident, but over time, you will see change by optimizing your to-do list.

Practical Ways of Optimizing Your To-do List – Using Derigo Dash

To-do lists can be confusing, especially if you get lost in the world of flashy and glam-filled applications flooding the app store.

This can lead to decreased productivity if you don’t navigate your way properly. Derigo Dash removes all those obstacles by making a simple interface where you can gather everything important in one place.

View and arrange your to-do lists as soon as you open your browser. This makes it way more accessible compared to other applications and helps you remember what changes you had to make before you forget.

Use the Notepad to journal any thoughts or points you want to save for later, be it from meetings, meet-ups, or any individual activity.

Some Exclusive Perks You Get That’ll Enhance Your Productivity Tenfold!

Derigo Dash wants to cater to everyone’s needs. That’s why they have special facilities you won’t find everywhere.

Daily motivational quotes can appease one’s mind and amplify their attitude towards working. You can pick your favorite quotes or mantras as they will be displayed as the first thing you see when you get up in the morning and check your phone. Start your day off right.

Other than that, they also offer a built-in Pomodoro timer for those accustomed or looking to get acquainted with the Pomodoro technique.

Track your progress and see where you stand to know exactly what you’re outputting each day.

The Final Verdict

Creating a to-do list isn’t a foreign concept for most people but upkeeping one is something people should read up on.

This is essential, so we don’t trick ourselves into thinking we’re productive while we’re doing quite the opposite.

Organize your to-do list and increase your efficiency for better work output.


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