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How To Achieve More By Building Productive Work Habits

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Are you annoyed by falling short of your goals? Are you frustrated because long hours of work make little progress? Most people are struggling in a vicious cycle where they begin a goal, and over time they see little progress, so they add more time and effort instead of evaluating their process. Working longer using the same unproductive methods and habits guarantees failure

Derigo Dash turns your browser’s new tab into a personalized dashboard. It acts as your digital coach. We live at a time when people are constantly bombarded with information and demands, requiring a reliable and efficient support system. Derigo Dash provides all the tools in the form of widgets on a single screen. You can customize your dashboard according to your needs and liking. Whenever you open the new tab, it will display your priorities and keep you on track.

James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits, has explained that success is only possible with consistent small acts. These acts are your daily habits, including your habits such as eating and sleeping and your work processes. Having a messed up daily routine will disturb your work time. We have listed below three productive habits that will help you achieve your goals and bring peace of mind.

“Habits are a dopamine-driven feedback loop. When dopamine rises so does our motivation to act.”

James Clear

1. Do Less Instead Of More!

Full of excitement about a new goal we want to work on for days. However, you should do the opposite and limit your work hours. Most meaningful goals require long term commitment. Starting with 6 hours of daily work then reducing to 3 hours next week and 1-hour next month isn’t going to work. Allocating short, focused time over the long term is the best productivity habit.

Habit Tracker Widget to improve procductivity
Derigo Dash – Habit Tracker Widget

Moreover, make a schedule the night before. You want to finish work quickly so you won’t waste time on details. Determine 2 or 3 major targets for the next day. If you have other obligations, try to outsource them or get help. If your partner is free, ask them to cook. Assign department heads for your project, so they contact you with big questions. We often hesitate to ask for assistance, but collaborative efforts are beneficial. After you have finalized your work, list them in the Daily Todo widget so you can get started the following morning immediately.

2. Are You A Maker Or A Manager?

Although a generic Todo list with targets and allocated times work for everyone; you should first determine your role. A manager’s schedule has multiple activities distributed throughout the day. These are short activities that generally involve overlooking projects and evaluating progress. In contrast, a maker is a person with a specific profession. They block long hours to work on the same project. 

Before making your schedule examine your long term goals. For example, if your target is to write a book in six months, a maker’s schedule is more suited to your needs. Block two sessions of 2 hours in the morning for research and writing. During these hours, deep work using the Pomodoro Timer widget to gain maximum productivity. Avoid distractions by restricting social media and blocking notifications. Every time you switch between different tasks creates attention residue, which wastes time and energy. 

If your target is to launch an online store, then a manager’s schedule will suit you. You will be able to arrange meetings with the department at different times. Review reports, reply to queries in short sessions. Use the Pomodoro Timer to stay focused. Unlike a maker, set your timed sessions for 25 minutes to avoid fixating on unnecessary details. Go into the meeting with a plan. Good preparation is a habit that will save you a lot of time.

Lastly, schedule a weekly review in the habit tracker widget. It helps you create good habits and break bad habits through consistency. You can check off completed activities on the widget. A weekly review is a chance to evaluate your progress and make appropriate changes to align your targets with your goals.

Notes widget to create good habits
Derigo Dash – Notes Widget

3. Reward Yourself Regularly!

One essential habit is to reward yourself regularly. People want to force a strict schedule on themselves. However, this technique doesn’t work. It is scientifically proven that people who fill their schedules with fun and relaxing activities before work responsibilities tend to stick to their schedule. 

Rewarding yourself doesn’t mean extravagant spending. Take time to enjoy yourself with friends, explore new places nearby or get out for dinner at the end of the day. These activities will ease your mind as you step away from responsibilities and refresh you for the next day.


Finally, be prepared to fail often and early. Learn to create a mindset that welcomes failure. It will free you from the restrictions of perfectionism and procrastination. Failure helps you recognize weaklings in your methods and is a chance to improve. The Notes widget is a valuable tool to journal your thoughts and create a growth mindset.

“Success is not a goal to reach or a finish line to cross. It is a system to improve an endless process to refine.”

James Clear

Derigo Dash is designed to assist its user by providing an organized workspace to maximize productivity, keep them motivated and eliminate distractions. Try out Derigo Dash today, and let us know how you plan to customize it to achieve your goals.


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