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How To Adopt A Growth Mindset In 5 Simple Steps

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A toddler struggling to walk eventually runs without a thought. The only difference between a toddler and an adult is their mindset. A toddler does not know fear and does not understand their limitations. An adult learns to make informed decisions to prevent them from failing. But these same thoughts also stop them from taking on new challenges.

A person with a fixed mindset has a limited perspective and relies on their talents to make progress. In comparison, a person with a growth mindset believes in continuous learning and effort to accomplish any goal. As explained meticulously by Carol S. Dweck in her book ‘Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.’

How To Adopt A Growth Mindset For Success

It is never too late to make changes to achieve your wildest dreams. The only way to modify your mindset is through a proper system. Derigo Dash is a personalized dashboard. It was designed with physiological principles to help its users make small improvements in their current lives. These small improvements lead to an overall increase in their productivity. The post will show you how you can improve your mindset with five simple steps.

1. Define Your Success

If someone asked you to wake up and run a marathon tomorrow, you would think they are crazy. But if you decide to run a marathon one year from now, you can definitely do it.

The reason we fail to achieve our goals is that they mostly stay in our imaginations. When you are serious about a goal, you should declare it to yourself in a physical form. Writing down your goals will solidify your commitment. Derigo Dash allows you to write down your personal and professional goals separately.

Monthly Goals Widget

Simply writing down your goals is not enough, visualize what you want your life to be in the next five years. If you want to be running a business across the nation in the next five years, then write out this future vision in detail in the Notes widget. This will remind you of your ambition and what it will look like. Besides, having a clear vision it’s important to follow through day by day till you achieve it.

2. Set Targets Based On Your Goals

People with a growth mindset realize it is not about the destination but the journey. They find pleasure in learning and understand it’s necessary to grow. After you start working towards your goal, you will realize the journey is harder than imagined. This is the time when most people give up. The only way to power through the struggle phase is to have a proper plan. Analyze your goal and determine all the requirements. Find out the fundamental skills you need to improve and learn new knowledge. If you are planning to open a local shop but have never worked retail, it is a good idea to work part-time in a store to learn about sales. 

After you break down your goals into achievable targets, schedule them. The Monthly To-Do widget is a valuable tool for this activity. Remember to be realistic during this step, you cannot learn all marketing tricks in just one month.

3. Find Inspiration And Motivation

Motivation is not a one-time thing. Initially, the excitement of your goal gets you started, but you need to keep motivating yourself during the journey. One way to stay motivated is to read about the struggles of other successful people. You can add quotes and sayings from accomplished people in the Quote widget. These can be scheduled as reminders. When they appear on your dashboard, they will inspire you and renew your spirits to keep trying. 

Get inspired and motivated with quotes
Get inspired and motivated with quotes to adopt a growth mindset for success

Since it is about the journey and not the final result, celebrate each milestone. When you achieve your monthly targets, mark them off as done. Giving yourself a treat acknowledges your commitment and dedication. There is a progress report widget that displays your monthly and weekly progress as a colored chart. The visual evidence will keep you motivated and working hard.

4. Create Constructive Habits

You can make a habit of cooking yourself or ordering a meal. Although cooking requires more effort, it is more rewarding and beneficial. The habit tracker widget can be used to break old habits such as ordering take-out every night. It also assists in making new habits such as jogging every morning.

Goal setting

What and how you think is also a form of habit. You have been repeating your thought patterns since a young age. If you think ‘I am not smart enough’ and ‘I am not talented enough,’ you will never be confident enough to work towards your promotion. 

Make a habit of writing a journal daily. Use the Notes widget to categorize each thought with its likelihood and give a logical explanation. This habit will change your negative thinking into a positive growth mindset. It will help you overcome fears and face problems. You can also schedule reminders in the Calendar widget at a specific time every day to make this into a regular habit.

5. Create A Routine

Surprisingly most of our daily lives are based on habits. Instead of having a different routine every single day, design morning rituals for yourself. Open Derigo Dash in the morning and make a plan for the day. The Daily To-Do widget will keep you focused on important tasks, and you will avoid getting distracted. When you create routines such as starting work at the same time, your mind will automatically shift to work mode when sitting at your desk. With Derigo you can also configure multiple dashboards to be visible during different times of the day.

Adopting a growth mindset is the only way to remove self-imposed limitations and allow yourself the freedom to grow. Derigo Dash gives you this freedom by guiding you through the process and helps you unlock your full potential.


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