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5 Ways To Boost Your Mindset For Success

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We often hear about success stories but shrug them off. We think these people got lucky. They had more resources and fewer hurdles than us. It is impossible for us to reach similar success so why would you even try. If we continue to live with such a negative mindset we will be stuck forever and miss out on personal and professional growth.

Successful people learned to modify their mindset to help them grow and achieve success. You should replace your negative thinking with positive affirmations that enable you to achieve your goals. In order to develop and adopt a mindset for success, you need a proper system. Derigo Dash was designed with scientific principles to help you achieve this by providing you with all the tools you need to achieve success. All you need to do is install our browser extension and Derigo Dash will guide you through the journey. We’ll do this by turning your browser’s new tab into a personalized dashboard. If you continue reading we’ll show you how to use Derigo Dash to improve your mindset for success.

1. Self-Awareness

All outward changes start from within. Monitor your thoughts, what do you say to yourself when starting a new goal, in difficult situations, after failures? You can use the Notes widget to do a critical analysis without judgment of every important situation. Write down – as a reminder – what worked for you? How can you improve in the future? What are the lessons learned here? Instead of categorizing the results as good or bad, consider your experiences as a normal part of your growth. Remember that you want to have a growth mindset.

You have to take the role of CEO in your life. Take responsibility and be accountable to yourself. Our Notes widget helps you with that and can be used as a journal to motivate yourself in the morning with positive affirmations. In the evening you could also practice a gratitude journal for a peaceful mind.

Derigo Dash - Notes Widget
Derigo Dash – Notes Widget

2. Goal Setting

It is important that you have a long-term plan. Making X amount of money in a year is specific but not enough. Make sure to also define the purpose of your goal. When you get into the right mindset the doubts will not bother you. Jeff Bezos set out to revolutionize the retail industry with his website, and now owns the biggest store in the world. He got rejected by investors multiple times but he stayed focused and eventually he achieved his goal.

Firstly, decide a specific goal, for example, start your company and make €10K revenue in the first year. Next break it down into flexible monthly targets on acquisition targets, sales targets, milestones that need to be achieved. You can write these down as “Monthly Goals” with the To-Do widget.

3. Routine

A proper routine is crucial for success. Read here the morning rituals of successful people and the benefits of joining the 5 AM Club. Your mind will automatically begin to work when you show up every single day to make an effort. If you wait to work when you are feeling good, you will end up wasting time on an emotional roller coaster. Get into the habit of setting Daily Goals or at least define your daily tasks with our To-Do widget in order to have an action plan for your day. An efficient schedule is proven to help you reach greater productivity.

4. Good Habits

You have to integrate good habits into your life in order to obtain and attain a positive mindset. Only a healthy mind and body can achieve ambitious goals and will lead you to a rewarding life. Begin by incorporating active exercise into your days to get your heart pumping and include a meditation session during your day. Meditation will teach you to consider your thoughts before being controlled by them. Not only will you practice putting a mental filter to your negative thinking but also learn self-compassion, gratitude, and overall happiness.

Make it a habit to read or watch motivational videos of high achievers in the morning. You can use the habit tracker widget to check off each habit that you carry out during the day. At the end of the week monitor your progress.

Derigo Dash-Habit Tracker Widget

5. Get Inspired Everyday

Using the Image widget is extremely helpful to visualize your goals, remind you about what’s important for you and keep you inspired during the day. Besides that, you can add quotes from successful people in the Quotes widget. They will appear in your new tab multiple times during the day to keep you motivated during periods of low energy or motivation.

Bill Gates was unwilling to compromise on his software designs because he understood the demand before the users even knew about it. Elon Musk is on a mission to progress the human race. Unless you have the right mindset, accomplishing such huge goals would not be possible.

Successful people do not fixate on small details. They keep the bigger picture in mind and have a vision for the future. We encourage you to have those as well. If you are not able to complete your daily tasks and achieve your weekly goals, don’t give up, and persist. Get up early the next morning, start with renewed energy, and prime yourself. Each small step makes a huge difference over time.

Additionally, successful people fail frequently with higher stakes. Instead of posting about their failure or beating themselves up with guilt; they chose to learn from the experience. Learn to embrace your mistakes and move on. Each misstep is a chance for you to re-evaluate your priorities. So start today by setting new goals for yourself using Derigo Dash and lets us know how it goes!


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