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How To Change Your Life With Steven Covey’s 7 Habits

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Modern society defines the concept of productivity as being in a constant state of work. This blind race to achieve more than yesterday and others have led to many social problems. In the pursuit of success, we often forget our core human values. Considering all these factors Steven Covey has highlighted 7 effective habits that allow you to achieve your dreams while maintaining good character ethics.

Derigo Dash was designed for the digital age worker. It turns your browser’s new tab into a personalized dashboard. The aim is to increase the users’ productivity, bring focus and keep them motivated throughout the process.

In this post, we will look at how you can apply Steven Covey’s habits with Derigo Dash and its customizable widgets.

1.      Be Proactive:

People are encouraged not to complain because it yields no results. However, it is more beneficial to have a healthy outlet for all your emotions. Journaling is extremely useful for this exercise. Derigo Dash’s Notes widget is a notepad to write down all your thoughts. There is no judgment, just ease your mind. Then for each thought, write down if it is in your control or not. Being proactive means spending your energy on things and situations that you can change. End your journaling session with a few minutes of gratitude, this creates positive energy. Use the habit tracker widget to create journaling as a habit. After a couple of months, you will observe a proactive and positive mindset.

Derigo Dash - Notes Widget
Derigo Dash – Notes Widget

2.      Begin With The End In Mind:

We fail to achieve our dreams because we quit when we see no end to the struggles. It is essential to break down your goals into achievable targets with an appropriate timeline. All impactful goals demand time and effort. The Todo widget will help you write down your Yearly or Monthly goals to keep you focussed on them. Monthly goals help you create necessary deadlines to keep you on track. As you work towards your goals you will see the progress and it will push you to keep going. Additionally, having a plan prevents you from being overwhelmed by the weight of work required.

3.      First Things First:

Steven Covey emphasizes that being busy does not equate to being productive. Most people desire to have a full day to work on their goals. But this is not possible when juggling multiple responsibilities. The solution is deep work. Deep work is timed sessions with an intense focus on one task without distractions. Imagine how much progress you will make with one hour of deep work every day for six months. Derigo Dash’s Pomodoro Timer is a highly efficient tool for deep work. Compared to a full day you will be more enthusiastic to work for one hour every day.

Pomodoro Timer from Derigo Dash
Pomodoro Timer from Derigo Dash

4.      Think Win-Win:

The next habit defined by Steven Covey seeks to gain collective benefits. Living in a state of competition we have learned to tear down our competitors to move ahead. Surprisingly, this actually hinders your progress as you waste time and energy thinking of ways to defeat the competition. Instead, try learning by observing your competitor. Surely, they are using some techniques that can help you out. Also, be willing to offer a helping hand to others as well. Collaborations result in market exposure and useful connections.

5.      Seek First To Understand Then To Be Understood:

We always expect praise for our hard work. Not only does this lead to disappointment but also bitter feelings for others. Instead, concentrate only on delivering the best product and continuously improving the experience. This habit will automatically lead to great results and success. Scheduling a weekly review in the Weekly Goals widget reminds you to evaluate your progress systematically. Evaluation and feedback allow you to modify your approach if it is not working.

6.      Synergize:

No one has ever accomplished success alone. Steven Covey’s next habit reminds us to ask for help as much as possible. Most of us are hesitant to admit when we are stuck. The simple way to check this is during your weekly review or look at your completed targets in the Daily To-Do widget. If you are consistently spending too much time on a task or unable to complete it, this is a red flag to get assistance from an expert. Seeking help often and sooner will accelerate your success.

7.      Sharpen The Saw:

Finally, the last habit of Steven Covey draws attention to constant improvement in both personal and professional capacity. Personal self-growth leads to maturity that shows up as your work ethic. For example, learning to improve your focus will lead to more productive deep work sessions. If you lack a particular skill related to your goals, allocate some time to learn it. Take advantage of valuable online resources and learn from experienced professionals. Eventually, you will transform yourself and deliver a higher quality product than what you originally intended.

Derigo Dash acts as a helpful guide during your journey. All you need to do is make a firm commitment to work hard. Try out Derigo Dash today and let us know how it helped you achieve your goals.


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