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How To Eat That Frog To Stop Procrastination Now

Derigo gathers everything that's important to you in one central place. And keeps you reminded about whats important to you every time you open a new tab. The perfect solution to build productive habits.

Have you developed the habit of occupying your day with urgent yet unimportant tasks? Do you put off work towards your actual goals for the next day? Well, then this post is for you. ‘Eat the Frog’ was given by Brian Tracy to help defeat procrastination every day.

The most important task is usually the hardest, requires the most energy and mental focus. Hence it is challenging to start. Procrastination occurs when you stay busy with chores and other activities, instead of beginning that important task. As the day passes it gets even harder to start, and we continue to avoid it. Finally, exhausted, we promise to complete it tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes, and repetition of this behavior becomes a bad habit.

Eat the frog-the phrase realistically portrays our feelings about the most critical tasks. Starting a new goal is extremely exciting, but these feelings don’t last. After a short time, we realize that to accomplish any goal, real work is required. So how do we get ourselves to eat that frog and eliminate procrastination?

Derigo Dash is a personalized dashboard with various widgets. These unique widgets are simple to use and contain enormous benefits. Their simplicity focuses your attention on required tasks and prevents distractions. Derigo gathers everything that’s important to you in one central place. And keeps you reminded about what’s important to you every time you open a new tab. The perfect solution to build productive habits.

The post describes simple tricks given by Brian Tracy in combination with Derigo Dash widgets. They will improve your focus and you will make substantial progress towards your desired goals.

1) Get Started

Half the battle against procrastination is won by getting started. It is scientific fact that once you take the first step, you follow in the same direction. With all the mental resistance of doing a tedious and difficult task, we distract ourselves with short-lived pleasures. The trick is to tell yourself you only need to spend 5 minutes on this task. Set the Pomodoro Timer widget for 5 minutes and begin. After you start, you will continue working.

Derigo Dash – Pomodoro Timer Widget

2) Schedule Your Frog

Brian Tracy explains preparation is the key to a productive workday and eating that frog. Before ending the day, spend a couple of minutes identifying what your frog is for the next day. Make sure to be realistic. It is impossible to read and summarize an entire book in one day. Decide the number of chapters you will read in a few hours and make a summary for each. In the Daily ToDo widget, list this task first and mark it as a high priority. Next morning you will be ready to work immediately instead of wasting valuable time planning your day.

3) Eat The Frog First

The next important step is to determine whether you are a morning person or an afternoon worker—the time when you are most energetic and alert. For the majority of people, morning time is when they are most refreshed. After a good night’s sleep, the mind is relaxed and in problem-solving mode, and it is easier to focus on the most challenging task at this time. 

As you progress through the day, your mind fills up with distractions, including managerial, client, family, and personal obligations. All these prevent you from focusing on difficult tasks later in the day. As a general rule, eat your frog early in the morning. Moreover, completing a hard target early in the morning will give you a boost and uplift your spirits. This positive energy will continue throughout the day.

Derigo Dash – Todo Widget

4) Deep Work

Another tip is to do deep work. The term was coined by Cal Newport, who says focused and undistracted work for a limited time achieves maximum results. Begin by limiting your frog to one major target until you gain proficiency with this method. This target should not take you more than 4 hours a day; otherwise, you will fall behind on other activities and procrastination sets in the next day. Block your social media sites, don’t check or reply to emails, only concentrate on the task at hand. You will observe your productivity and quality of work improving drastically.

5) Weekly Review

Surprisingly people don’t realize time and energy are finite resources and should be treated as a valuable currency. Wasting time costs you money even if you are not spending cash. When you are investing your time and energy regularly on something, it should produce meaningful results. Although the weekly review is not part of eating your frog, it helps tremendously if you evaluate your progress frequently. Having clear goals and proper direction makes scheduling your tasks more manageable. The Notes widget is an excellent tool to list the reasons for your goals to stay motivated, and they can be displayed on your screen as a reminder to keep you inspired.

Habit Tracker for implementing productive habits

Derigo Dash is an efficient system to increase productivity by reducing your workload and serving as a silent assistant. It keeps you on track, shows your progress, keeps you motivated, and inspires you to do better than yesterday. Try Derigo Dash today, and let us know what frog you will be eating first!


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