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How To Improve Focus Using 5 Deep Work Strategies

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Cal Newport has inspired millions of people through his book ‘Deep Work.’  Deep work is the ability to have an intense focus on a task without distractions. He unveiled the simple truth we all want to ignore. When we begin our work, we allow ourselves to be continuously distracted by the loudest and latest interruptions. This behavior is called shallow work by Cal. As a result of an inefficient approach, the final product lacks maximum potential.

Covid was an opportunity in disguise that encouraged working from home. It gave us flexibility and freedom to design our own routines. But we are struggling to navigate the new work environment. Customers expect instant reply… clients want quick solutions… you get notifications from your friends… your fridge reminding you the milk expires today… the game you played last night invites you for a bonus match. These are few examples of digital distractions that we face every day.

In this post, you will learn how deep work will increase your productivity and attention. We will also help you implement deep work in your daily life by showing you the right tools. Therefore, you will improve your focus and concentration regardless of the project you work on. We have summarized the 5 key strategies from Cal’s book below.

1. Attention Residue.

Although we know our brain can only focus on one thing at a time, we indulge in multitasking. Cal advises to create a time block and give all the attention to a particular task. An employee reads the monthly data analysis report and compares it with the previous month. Next, he makes his notes and outlines his presentation for the following morning.  While doing different activities, he was still working on the same subject! Imagine if he checked his email and found a shipping complaint, he would not be able to focus on his report until he resolved the complaint. Switching between different tasks creates an attention residue from previous activity. You can use the Pomodoro Timer provided by Derigo Dash to help you stay focused on your current task.

Derigo Dash Pomodoro Timer
Derigo Dash Pomodoro Timer

2. Routine.

Going through the day without a plan leads to urgent and insignificant shallow work instead of meaningful deep work. Learn about the morning ritual of most successful people here. They like to plan their entire day precisely to get the most value. Additionally, having defined targets save your limited cognitive capacity by reducing the number of decisions you need to make. Hence, this leads to increased concentration in your work. After you have set your targets for the day or week, you can add them to your personal dashboard using the “ToDo” widgets provided by Derigo Dash.

3. Schedule Distractions.

Surprisingly you cannot cut out distractions completely. You need to train your brain to control the impulses, for example, checking your favorite social media site every hour. To eliminate distractions during a period of deep work, you can begin by scheduling a set amount of time for each activity, such as replying to emails, social media, texting your friends, and watching cat videos online. You can also toggle the “Focus Mode” provided by Derigo Dash, which will turn your personal dashboard into a focus and concentration space by removing any distracting information.

4. Shutdown Complete!

Furthermore, your day deserves a proper closing. End your day at a set time, with a suitable routine. First, list the day’s incomplete tasks. Also, make a work outline for the next day. It is an excellent time to write a 5-minute journal. As you transfer your thoughts into physical form, your mind can relax, as Cal calls it shutdown complete. An acceptable downtime is a price paid for doing deep work. If you spend an evening trying to squeeze in some extra work, most probably you will lose concentration the next day.

Derigo Dash - Notes Widget
Derigo Dash – Notes Widget

5. Exercise your brain.

Finally, exercise your brain as you would any other muscle in your body. Cal says a beginner, on average, can have one hour of deep work, but with practice, you can increase it to four hours. Practice will help you improve your working strategies and strengthen your resistance to temptations.

With the “Reminder” widget from Derigo Dash you can remind yourself of what’s really important to you. For example, you can ask Derigo to remind you after every X-hour or between two specific times about ‘taking a walk’ or ‘meditate for 5 minutes’. This way Derigo Dash helps you build better habits.

Use Derigo Dash to Increase your Focus and Productivity

Time is money, and attention is becoming more valuable. We all need to deliver elite products in a limited time. So, how to do it? Derigo Dash is the perfect tool to help you achieve focus. It is a complete package deal for anyone looking to maintain high concentration while carrying out deep work.

Basically, Derigo Dash transforms your browser’s new tab into your personalized dashboard. The range of widgets allows you to customize for optimum productivity. Write your personal and professional goals in the To-Do widget for daily motivation. Create a timeline for weekly and monthly targets. As you monitor your progress, building the habit of deep work will get easier.

The Daily To-Do widget helps you schedule the day with reminders. The Pomodoro Timer helps set time blocks for each particular task and restrict your distraction periods. Use the Notes widget to list your day’s incomplete task and a 5-minute journal before shutdown. In contrast to using your phone applications, Derigo Dash will prevent any distractions from interrupting your focus. It is like saying, ‘don’t think of elephants,’ and you end up thinking of nothing but elephants. You cannot pretend a notification does not exist when it pops up on your phone.

Here is a sneak peek of Derigo Dash. Try it out now and tell us how it helped you gain focus and increase concentration to perform deep work. We love getting feedback from our users!


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