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How To Master Your Focus Like A Monk

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If you are reading this article, you are struggling to focus like the rest of us. Working from home, outside the office environment, it has become even harder to concentrate and do deep work. Deep work is the ability to give undivided attention to your work without distractions. Monks are known for their laser focus, if only we could achieve it.

So, how do we learn to focus like a monk?

Surprisingly, the monks do not sit and meditate all day. Their daily schedule looks similar to ours. Generally, they sleep adequate hours, meditate for an hour, do chores, and work for six to eight hours. The secret is they practice meditation during their daily activities. For instance, when they clean, their mind is only focused on sweeping. When talking to a person, they pay attention to them only.

Dandapani is a former monk on a mission to help people improve their lives. He says ‘living in the moment and focusing’ is not possible unless you learn to concentrate. He defines concentration as the ‘ability to keep your awareness on one thing for an extended time.’ He explains that we have mastered distraction. What is the longest you have gone without checking your phone? Surely not more than a few minutes. At every ping of our phones, we leave work or stop mid-sentence and see the notification. Also, our impulses are out of control, and these breaks in concentration waste valuable time. 

Since you can’t pack bags and retire to a monastery to master concentration, what to do? Dandapani believes we can practice the art of concentration by eliminating multitasking and focusing 100% on our activity. Derigo Dash turns your browser’s new tab into a personal dashboard to help you achieve greater productivity by improving your focus. The success of this system lies in its simplicity. We live in a world of distractions, colorful attractions, and constant bells and whistles. Derigo Dash will keep your attention on important tasks. Below we discuss how you can customize your dashboard to practice concentration.

Eliminate Multitasking

Dandapani  suggests creating morning rituals suitable to your routine. Ensure to concentrate on each of your rituals completely. For example, make your bed without listening to the news or TV. Next, eat your breakfast without checking emails on your phone. Successfully concentrating and completing a few good tasks early on will give you a boost for the rest of the day.

The Notes widget is a notepad to type all your thoughts and clear your clouded mind. A 5-minute morning journal to write affirmations will set you up on a positive attitude.Use the Daily To-Do widget to plan for the day. You can schedule your urgent and important tasks. The list will be displayed on your screen. It will keep you organized and avoid wasting time later.

Pomodoro Timer from Derigo Dash
Derigo Dash-Pomodoro Timer Widget

The Pomodoro timer widget is an excellent tool for deep work. The timer provides you with a deadline for your task. Limiting your time consequently prevents you from paying attention to distractions. As your focus improves, so will the quality of your work. Once you begin, the deep work gets easier. The timer has an extra advantage to keep you from overworking any activity. The perfectionists in all of us want to produce the best product. However, spending too much time on minor and insignificant details will only exhaust you.

Practice Focus As A Daily Habit

Developing focus for long periods will take practice. Dandapani believes concentrating can be learned as a new behavior if we repeat it enough times. Derigo Dash has customizable widgets to replace old habits with new good ones.
The habit tracker widget keeps track of your progress. Every day you complete a session of deep work, mark it off in the widget. Additionally, make your morning rituals your new habits. Seeing your progress will solidify your commitment to your new habits.

Derigo Dash- Daily To-Do Widget

To make a lasting change, take time to define meaningful goals for yourself. Use the Notes widget to write down what you want to achieve in your life. It is essential to have goals that will have a positive impact on your life. Besides, without having clear targets, it is like shooting an arrow blindly. Your energy is a finite resource like time. Concentrating on one task alone requires energy. Make sure you allocate your energy to things that are important to you.

‘Focus is the key to success.’

Finally, keep yourself motivated throughout the day with the quote widget. You can schedule the times for different quotes and famous sayings to appear on your screen. They can inspire you and renew your spirits when days get hard. Even the definition of concentration works wonders. It is a reminder to your brain what is the purpose of this whole exercise.

Try Derigo Dash today and observe your focus improve!


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