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How To Set Goals For Success With John Doerr’s OKR

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Fortune 500 Companies continuously grow and evolve. Have you ever wondered why companies manage to achieve their goals while we struggle to achieve them as individuals? John Doerr, who has worked with Google and other top companies, has developed OKR’s framework. His goal-setting approach has led millions of individuals to success  and higher productivity.

John Doerr introduced OKRs framework, which is establishing Objectives and producing Key Results. Following through on an individual level gets tricky since there is no form of accountability. Using OKRs every individual can accomplish any goal he can sets his mind to.

Use The Right Tools

Derigo Dash is an efficient tool to help you achieve all your goals. The application turns your browser’s new tab into a personalized dashboard with various customizable widgets to adapt to your specific needs. This post will explain how to apply John Doerr’s OKRs using Derigo Dash.

Derigo Dash

1. Define A Purpose

Surprisingly people often rush to set goals and dive into work. This approach works until work gets too challenging, and that’s when people lose their nerve to continue. To follow through on long term goals, you have to define the purpose for your goals. Ask yourself mindful questions, Why will you be working hard towards these goals? What is your motivation behind achieving success? 

Mindful journaling has proven to increase your self-awareness. Having a direction and a sense of purpose beyond the daily superficial duties allows you to follow through during times of low motivation and hurdles. For this exercise, use the Notes widget as your journal. For a week, try journaling at different times of the day and various locations. List things that inspire you and write the details of your future self. Also, imagine your life ten years from now and create a vision.

Journaling at different times will provide different perspectives, but you will observe a pattern in your thoughts. Our mindsets change based on our experience; you have to increase self-awareness to develop a growth mindset. After a week, evaluate your journal entries and determine what you WANT from your life.

2. Establish Objectives

Most of us want to have a content and healthy personal life with a thriving professional career. This idea is a fuzzy fantasy. John Doerr explains objectives should be ambitious but attainable. Most importantly, they should be measurable; if your goal is to save money to buy a bigger house. Calculate an estimate of your dream house and define the specific amount to be saved each month. If your existing source of income does not cover the monthly target, come up with ideas to generate more revenue. For example, your goal for the month can be to freelance your teaching skills to five students and dedicate the money for the house fund, including 30% of your salary.

Derigo Dash- Monthly To-Do Widget

The Yearly To-Do widget is a helpful tool to write down your long term goals. Having the goals displayed on your screen will remind you of your priorities and develop a growth mindset.

3. Produce Key Results

If you define objectives with a purpose, the next step will get much more manageable. Success is achieved with consistent effort regardless of the outcome. Your long term goals should be divided into micro-goals that cover a month or longer. Based on the micro-goals, set your weekly targets. In case your monthly target is to attain ten thousand customers, schedule your weekly activities accordingly. 

A tracking system is essential to follow through. Schedule a monthly review in the Calendar widget to evaluate your progress. Whether you reach your monthly target or not, carry out a non-judgemental review. If you fail to achieve your target, list the reasons for the failure. And if you meet your targets, list successful techniques and approaches that worked for you.

Finally, learn if your personality and work are more suited for a maker or manager’s schedule. Correct scheduling methods will help you effectively plan your day. The Daily To-Do widget displays the important tasks of the day. Having a list eases your mind and allows you to focus on the activity itself. To gain maximum benefits out of your time, learn to deep work using Pomodoro Technique

Success is accomplished through repeated actions. Create habits such as daily routines using the habit tracker widget. If you show up to work every day, you will make more progress than working for full days every once in a while. Additionally, taking long breaks causes a residual lag. You will waste valuable time catching up to where you left off last time.

Last Word

John Doerr’s OKR’s framework has been tested and tried by millions. It has helped people achieve success; using Derigo Dash, the process gets easier and effortless. If the process is easy, you will follow through and be less likely to quit halfway. Try out Derigo Dash today, and let us know what goals you want to accomplish.


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