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How To Stop Context Switching And Boost Your Productivity

Derigo gathers everything that's important to you in one central place. And keeps you reminded about whats important to you every time you open a new tab. The perfect solution to build productive habits.

Everyone wants to boast that they are good at multitasking. It means you are capable of accomplishing multiple different activities at the same time. But unlike computers, humans can carry out ONE task at any given moment. Context switching has proven to kill our productivity as we divide our attention among several tasks. 

Technology has eased human life; however, it is also the source of constant interruptions. Well, you can’t blame devices since they are designed to get your attention. The more reliant you are on your devices, the harder it is to function without them. On average, a person can’t go longer than 11 minutes without looking or checking their phones. Additionally, promoting an ‘always available’ working culture has made it impossible to log off our devices.

Problems With Context Switching Affecting Productivity

There are numerous problems with context switching that reduces productivity. Firstly, your cognitive bandwidth or your mental capacity is limited. As you move between activities, you fill up your memory space. Secondly, you divert your priorities. Your mind gets confused about what is the most important task so it can focus on it. Most people believe that just checking your email or watching a funny video to relax for 5 minutes is harmless. But every time you change your activity, you pay tax on it. This is called attention residue. It takes almost 25 minutes to refocus on the task at hand. 

Derigo Dash turns your browser’s new tab into a personal dashboard. Its purpose is to increase your productivity by focusing your attention on important tasks while eliminating distractions. The widgets provide motivation and inspiration to avoid the trap of procrastination. It acts as your digital coach to keep you on track and help you monitor your progress towards your goals.

The post below explains the benefits of using Derigo Dash to prevent problems of context switching and improve your productivity.

Centralized System

Instead of using applications on desktop, few on the phone, and carrying an iPad around, all the required widgets are provided on Derigo Dash. Unless you turn off your phone’s internet connection, you can’t escape notifications. Among work emails, you may find a discount offer from your favorite store. Now you are thinking of all things to buy. Derigo Dash provides applications for scheduling, progress monitoring, timer, calendar, search options among others.

Constant Reminder

Since things easily distract us, treat yourself as such. Each time you open your new tab, the Todo widgets and Habits tracker will display your targets for the day. One, it is a reminder about the required task. Two, it motivates you to continue working instead of wasting time as you see completed tasks marked off. The sooner the list is complete, the sooner you will be free.

Derigo Dash – Daily ToDo Widget


Most people make the mistake of following others’ techniques. Since every human is different, to achieve maximum productivity you have to play on your strengths. Derigo Dash allows you to completely customize your digital workspace. 

A minimalist person can select a monochrome background with only one Todo widget, a clock and a search option. On the contrary, you may be a person who prefers to have a vision board while working. Other than the Todo widget, they can display sayings of successful people in the Quote widget for inspiration and save images of their desired future in the Image widget. 

Unlike other applications, the simple design of the widgets prevents you from wasting time going through hundreds of unnecessary features.

Deep Work For Higher Productivity

Deep work is a popular technique to gain maximum out of your time. To deep work, you focus and concentrate on one task only without distractions for a limited time. The Pomodoro Timer widget is a valuable tool for deep work. After you specify your target, use the timer to keep you on your toes. Block periods for deep work sessions in your schedule, schedule appropriate breaks as well between these sessions.

Derigo Dash Pomodoro Timer
Derigo Dash – Pomodoro Timer Widget

Mental Distractions

It is not only the external distractions that cause context switching. Due to endless professional and personal demands, thoughts keep interrupting our work. As it is impossible to stop our thoughts, the only solution is to accept them without interacting. 

In simple terms, use the Note widget as a scratchpad. Thinking of food, make a note of your lunchtime, need to send your sibling a message, write it down with the time of your break, have to ask a client a question, make a note for later. It is a good idea to journal at the beginning or end of the day to deal with emotions, relax your mind and clarify your thoughts.

Derigo Dash - Notes Widget
Derigo Dash – Notes Widget

Dealing with context switching is much easier when you stay organized. Derigo Dash helps to improve your focus as it reduces your mental workload. Reducing your distractions will dramatically improve your productivity. Try out Derigo Dash today, and let us know how you plan to customize it to your needs.


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