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Increase your self-awareness with a Five Minute Journal

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Scribbling our thoughts, plans, and goals in our journals puts us in a meditative state and increases our self-awareness. It allows us to tune out the mental noise and focus on the things that we want to jot down. Perhaps this is the reason why many of us rank it high on the list of things we love to do every day. If you want to improve your journal habits then you can try Five Minute Journaling with Derigo Dash.

5 minute journal with Derigo Dash
5 minute journal with Derigo Dash

Some of us have journals for different purposes. They are having travel notebooks, agendas, and day planners. Besides this, they also have journals that contain thoughts that came up during meditation and yoga. They like seeing how organized things are. To do that they bring these journals with them wherever they go.

Journaling does wonders for people but the thing is, not everyone is into it. That’s why UJ Ramdas and Alex Ikonn created The Five Minute Journal to encourage people to start journaling.

What is the Five Minute Journal?

The Five Minute Journal is a simple journal. It is broken down into two sections: one for the morning, and one for the evening. There are quotes written on each section that will encourage you to reflect on things.

The morning routine section contains spaces where you can write about things that you’re grateful for. You can include activities that will make the day awesome and your daily affirmations. The evening routine section offers space for you to write the awesome things that happened that day. What’s great about this is, you can still end the day on a high note even if the past 12 hours or more have been stressful for you.

How Tim Ferris uses the Five Minute Journal method

Stay on track with your journaling

If you do not have access to The Five Minute Journal, you can use an app that works just like it. Yes, we know, there are a myriad of productivity apps out there, but not all offer functionality to use as a The Five Minute Journal. Yes, we’re talking about the Derigo Dashboard. It’s a game changer as far as journaling and juggling different tasks is concerned. It helps you to give direction to your day and improve your focus and motivation.

Derigo Dash is a Chrome browser extension that replaces your “new tab” with a more valuable personal space. Here you can add widgets to structure your day and thoughts. It includes Daily Tasks, Calendar, Professional Goals, Personal Goals, Notes, Habits, Progress, and Reminders. You can write your answers to morning and evening sections of The Five Minute Journal. Those who have tried using Derigo Dash find that it does an excellent job at letting them so start their day with the right intention and with good focus. They also get to hit two birds with one stone because they get to prepare themselves for the day ahead while deciding on who they want to show up as. They are also less exhausted during the day, because Derigo Dash reminds them to take “breathing breaks” between each task. 

Find the right widget for you

Each widget of Derigo Dash helps you to become more self-aware and motivated. If you are a multi-tasker, the Calendar, Reminders and Daily Task widgets are your best friends. You can use them to keep track of activities you should be doing and the tasks you need to accomplish.

If you’re the type who likes to keep track of how much you’re improving, you will definitely enjoy the Progress widget. It shows you not just the areas where you excel at, but also the ones that need further improvement.

The Notes widget is the perfect way to chronicle those mini lightbulb moments you experience as you go about your day. It’s always good to write these things down so you can reflect on them and see what comes up when you revisit them. You will be surprised at how the message changes each time you read the notes.

The perfect combination

Using The Five Minute Journal always leaves you feeling grateful, productive, and motivated. It’s comforting seeing each section get filled up with your thoughts at the moment. In a way, it is also like engaging in a fruitful conversation with yourself and listing down items that are worth remembering.

This is also the feeling you’ll get after using the Derigo Dashboard. You can use it the way you would The Five Minute Journal and see how it helps you organize your thoughts and keep your priorities in check.

5 minute journal with Derigo Dash
5 minute journal with Derigo Dash

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Morning Pages vs. Journaling

Since a good morning defines the day, we must do everything possible to make the day worthwhile, as time does not repeat itself. One must remain productive and stress-free throughout