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Covid-19 is a global pandemic. No doubt it impacts every single human being on earth. It eradicated our pre-covid approach of a blind race for productivity, billing every second to achieve more. It has taught us the value of time, family, health, and, most importantly, self-awareness. Not surprisingly, we are all struggling to navigate this paradigm shift. In this post, you will learn to make a maker’s and manager’s schedule to increase your productivity substantially using Derigo Dash.

Let’s define some terms for more clarity;

The Manager’s Schedule:

It is a traditional time blocking technique. Hence, the day is divided into smaller blocks of time. For example, the day is divided into hourly sessions. Each of these sessions is assigned to a different activity.

A manager’s role is oversight, coordinating projects, and managing teams. Managers spend most of their time putting out fires and responding to rapidly changing demands. Slots scheduling works very effectively for them.

The Maker’s Schedule:

The day is divided into longer stretches of uninterrupted time for a particular activity or a subject, for example, four to five hour sessions in morning working on one activity.

A maker is an individual with a specific skill set, a craft, such as a developer, artist, designer, etc. Most of us work as a maker; thus, following a manager’s schedule is illogical. As a matter of fact, research shows it takes almost 30 minutes to get ‘in the zone’ when you reach your workflow.

Additionally, unlike computers, human beings are unpredictable. Identical assignments performed by a person will take different times on alternating days. Using a manager’s schedule often results in multiple incomplete tasks that you need to finish the following day.

Example of how a Manager’s and Maker’s Schedule differ.

Use The Right Tools To Increase Productivity!

It is essential to use the right tools to design a proper schedule. Derigo Dash transforms your browser’s new tab into a personalized dashboard. Its sheer simplicity, flexibility, and user-friendly widgets make it an invaluable solution for digital workers. Having all the widgets in one personalized screen keeps you focused and saves you precious time. Eventually, your productivity rises by using an efficient system.

Motivation is not a one-time thing. You need to increase your motivational self-awareness throughout the process. We will share different approaches on how you can use the widgets to create an effective schedule while staying motivated!

Notes Widget

In Notes widget write down your most important tasks. It will help you determine if your a Manager or Maker.

In case you are designing a software for a company, you will require long focused hours programming, coding, editing and testing. A maker’s schedule is more suitable for you.

On the contrary, if you are an online speaker, you will be conducting regular webinar’s, supervising your team and meeting with clients. Consequently, you would require a manager’s schedule.

Derigo Dash - Notes Widget will help you determine if you are a maker or manager, resulting in higher productivity
Derigo Dash – Notes Widget

Weekly Goals Widget

After you determine the type of schedule for you. Assign your work in Weekly To-Do widget. If you are a manager’s, begin with scheduling project deadlines and meetings of the week in the widget with time duration for each activity. Break down your projects into daily tasks. 

If your a maker, block same time everyday for five hours to work on your target.

Derigo Dash Goal Setting Widgets to help you create efficient schedules
Derigo Dash Goal Setting Widgets to help you create efficient schedules

Daily To-Do Widget

The most crucial widget is Daily To-Do. 

Manager’s daily plan involves high priority and urgent tasks scheduled at the start of the day and non-essential tasks scheduled when time permits. Daily To-Do widget will allow you to schedule daily tasks according to time duration. These will be displayed on screen and marked off when completed to show your progress.

Maker’s schedule uses the principle of doing the high-priority work uninterrupted, at the time of your peak productivity. Whether you are an early bird or night owl, allocate your target  work when you are most energetic and fresh. Set specfic targets for each day to help you stay on track during long periods.

Pomodoro Timer

A Pomodoro Timer Widget is an essential tool for both schedules. Deep work is paramount if you intend to increase your productivity. Pomodoro timer will help deep work. A timer will keep you focused during work, then use it to take a short timed break. This improves your concentration on your task and breaks refreshes your mind. You can further read our deep work strategies here.

Derigo Dash Pomodoro Timer to deep work and improve productivity
Derigo Dash Pomodoro Timer to Deep work and Improve Productivity

Image Widget

You can add inspirational images and quotes to the Image widget with regular reminders. The saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Inspirational images will refresh your spirits. It will keep the momentum going in periods of low energy regardless of a maker or a manager’s schedule.

Let’s compare Manager John and Maker John

Since Maker John is an early bird, he schedules time from 8 am till 1 pm to work on his video production. It does not mean he will produce a full video in one sitting. That is impossible. He uses Monday and Tuesday for video research, content writing, and shoot preparation.

John reserves Wednesday and Thursday for a video. He utilizes Friday and Saturday for editing and final touch-ups. Finally, he uploads the video on Sunday. Focusing on one area of the task will keep John’s mind troubleshooting. If he had scheduled video shooting and editing on the same day, they would be half complete and lack good quality. Besides, mental exhaustion causes errors. The next day he would waste time going over things from the previous day. This method is counter-productive.

John uses the manager’s schedule for the second half of his day. He receives his daily report from his team in the afternoon. Next, he spends an hour analyzing the report. In the following hour, he writes the action plan for the next day and sends it to the appropriate department heads. He uses the next hour to reply to client emails and conduct meetings for inquiries. He ends his day by noting down any incomplete tasks.

Finally, after a long workday, John goes to the gym to workout, refresh his mind, relax and re-energize. Derigo Dash has a habit tracker widget to help you build habits by sending you reminders during busy days.

Derigo Dash helps you stay committed and dedicated to your goals. The best schedule plays on your strengths and accommodates your weaknesses. This self-awareness will allow you to control your life instead of the schedule controlling you! Try Derigo Dash today and watch your productivity improve ten folds.


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