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How To Stay Productive While Working From Home

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Home is where our sacred space is to relax and enjoy and recharge after long days of work. However, with the increase in digital jobs and the required working from home due to COVID. The line between our working life and personal lives has faded. And our working life has merged with our personal life.

This creates both opportunities and challenges! Are you curious how you can achieve higher productivity while working from home? Whether you’re working from your couch, in your kitchen, or in your backyard while the sun is shining?

This post highlights ways for you to alter your daily routine and drastically improve your productivity. Most remote or digital workers work on their laptop or desktops. Away from office atmosphere, there is no accountability hence more online distractions. Your project related google search can quickly turn into browsing through latest news. A short notification check on social media can end up wasting hours.

Derigo Dash is an ingenious application that keeps your focus on things that are important. It turns your browser’s new tab into a personalized dashboard. You can create individual dashboards for work and personal interests. Each dashboard will display the required widgets. While working the ToDo widget will display your targets. Meanwhile for your personal hobby of writing a novel, notes widget will display all your story ideas.

How To Measure Your Productivity?

Let’s compare two work days. First day, you fall asleep tired and hungry, after working 12 plus hours. Second day, you wake up after 8 hours of sleep, work only 6 hours and end the day by having dinner with friends. Most of us would consider the first day as more productive.

The reality is, the quality and quantity of your work depends on your mental state and work approach. Instead of measuring your productivity using inputs try comparing outputs. A well-rested person can accomplish more and better quality of work in a couple of hours. Same work can take days by an exhausted, unfocused and unmotivated person.

Using the Todo Widgets of Derigo Dash, list down each task and mark it done. This activity should include even the meetings you attend or emails you reply to clients. As the day proceeds you will notice the list growing with completed items. At the end of the day, you will be satisfied, and ready for another productive day.

Derigo Dash - Todo Widget
Derigo Dash – Todo Widget

How To Work From Home?

1. Setup A Work Office

An important consideration for every remote worker is the home office. While it may not be possible for everyone to have a separate room to work. We can get creative to design spaces with minimum distractions. Dedicate a table and comfortable chair with all required office supplies. This is necessary as you will be working here for hours. Additionally walking away from your desk during breaks and at the end of day will shift your mind from work mode.

2. Organize Your Digital Work Space

Derigo Dash will keep you focused while working. The Pomodoro Timer widget is one of the helpful tools to increase your productivity. Working on a task with a timer prevents your attention from getting diverted. You race against the clock to win. This type of uninterrupted work is called deep work. Over time you will be able to train your mind to concentrate for longer periods. Deep work will replace your busy day with shorter and more focused work hours. You will thrive in a digital world where value creation will determine your long term success.

Derigo Dash Pomodoro Timer
Derigo Dash Pomodoro Timer

3. Create And Follow A Routine

Working from home requires a strict routine. This does not mean you have to follow a military schedule and account for every minute. Have a fixed sleep routine, it will keep your body healthy and relax your mind. Varying schedules disrupts your body’s cycles and you wake up fatigued. Refresh your spirits with enjoyable morning rituals. Starting the day on a positive note will keep you energized throughout the day.

4. End Your Work Day

Moreover, set a time to end your work day. Make a list of incomplete work in the Todo Widget for the next day. Log out of all your work accounts and stop the urge to get a head start on a different project. When you work in your leisure time you unconsciously borrow time from the next day. Without sufficient time to unwind, the next day your productivity will be low as you are mentally and physically tired.

5. Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Just because it is easier to work from home does not mean you are required to work extra or stay connected 24 hours. Remote workers are facing issues like higher anxiety, loneliness and burnout. Habits such as meditation and exercise are more important than ever, as you are enclosed in a small space for long hours. Habit Tracker widget will remind you to take a break from work and go for a run outside or read a book to change your mindset. If your friends are busy, arrange a video call for a few minutes. Fix a day of the week as your day off and indulge in your favorite leisure activities.

Derigo Dash- Habit Tracker Widget

Investing in yourself should be the top priority because you will be unable to deliver if you are unhappy within. Working from home comes with practice and time. Keep trying until you find a good balance between personal and work life. Derigo Dash’s purpose for its user is to gain higher self-awareness and ease the process so they can achieve their goals. Try out Derigo Dash today and let us know how you will customize it to suit your needs.


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