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Learn To Prioritize Important Matters Of Your Life

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We overstress and exhaust ourselves in the race to have flourishing careers, fulfilling relationships while making environmentally friendly choices. We need to learn to prioritize to live a meaningful life that we are proud to remember at the end.

The key behind successful prioritization is originality. Instead of trying to gain things other people have, come up with your own goals. You have to look deep within and find the values that satisfy you the most and work towards the goals you want. 

The human mind is a maze and challenging to navigate. With Derigo Dash, you will have all your ideas, plans, and goals displayed on your screen. Organized ideas will help you prioritize your life. The post below gives you methods to prioritize and focus on things that matter most to you.

How To Prioritize?

Prioritize Yourself First

You are incapable of functioning correctly if your mental and physical health is declining. For example, scheduling a mix of yoga and gym sessions during the week will provide various activities to keep you healthy. Other hobbies to refresh and relax your mind include reading or creative activities such as painting, editing videos, or producing music. The habit tracker widget lists your weekly activities and their frequency. Over time they turn into beneficial habits. A good balance between personal needs and professional requirements will prevent numerous health issues.

Set Appropriate Goals

It is crucial to know your purpose and have a clear direction. Unless you have set long-term goals to guide you, you will always feel lost. Most people have too many goals, and they make little progress towards any of them. Warren Buffet’s goal-setting technique is to write down all your goals and, from the top 25 goals, select the five most important ones. Next, devise a plan focused on these goals only. The Yearly Todo widget is a helpful tool to write goals for the year. Purposeful goals take time, so a systematic and patient approach is needed. You can identify smaller monthly targets and list them in the Monthly Todo widget based on your yearly goals.

Derigo Dash – Monthly Todo Widget

Prioritize Your Daily Life

Any substantial progress is made from your consistent small acts. It is our daily choices that determine our level of success. Instead of money, learn to treat time and energy as your top resources and schedule your day accordingly.
Some people spend all their energy planning and scheduling; later, they procrastinate. It is helpful if you schedule your day the night before. Work smart by assigning the hardest task first thing in the morning. After you list every single target for the day in the Daily Todo widget, divide them using Eisenhower’s matrix. The important and urgent tasks should be your top priority. Delete the not urgent and unimportant activities. The tasks in the other two categories can be either delegated or outsourced.

Another tip for prioritizing effectively is to avoid being a perfectionist. Feeling failure too deeply demotivates and discourages a person. Every successful person has experienced failure multiple times but continues to work hard towards their goals. Quote widget displays inspirational quotes and sayings to motivate you. Similarly, celebrate all your achievements, even if small. Looking at your progress is the best strategy to stick to your goals when the whole world is following trends blindly.

Create Morning Rituals

Start your day with morning rituals. Completing a few simple acts such as making your bed, going for a jog, or having a home-cooked breakfast will refresh your spirits, and it will set you up with positive energy to last you all day long. Having a positive mindset during work influences how you will perform. Cleanse your mind from negative thoughts and doubts with a 5 minute morning journal. The Notes widget is a valuable tool for journaling; it increases self-awareness as you monitor your thought patterns. We all need a safe space for an emotional outlet. Journaling will also help you come up with logical solutions to your problems. 

Notes widget
Derigo Dash – Notes Widget

Derigo Dash is an application that turns your browser’s new tab into a personalized dashboard. It was explicitly designed to allow customization to the digital worker. It opts for simple widgets instead of complicated applications with hundreds of bells and whistles that waste valuable time. You have the option to design your life however you like, within a few minutes. 

Derigo Dash acts as your digital coach that provides all the necessary tools. Prioritize your life today and observe your productivity increase drastically. As you accomplish your goals, you will achieve contentment on a level unlike before. Try Derigo Dash today and let us know how you plan to design your dashboard for your goals.


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Morning Pages vs. Journaling

Since a good morning defines the day, we must do everything possible to make the day worthwhile, as time does not repeat itself. One must remain productive and stress-free throughout