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Make Your Day Extremely Productive Using Tony Robbins’ Priming Technique

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In this stressful world, it is difficult to get through every day on repeat while also keeping productivity levels up.  This is true for a majority of the population that struggles with staying motivated, especially if they are overloaded with tasks or face various obstacles throughout the day. One quick search on the internet will give you a never-ending list of ways to keep morale high but what they don’t factor in is the mental state of the individual. No matter how flawless or effective the method is, it won’t work unless you build up some mental energy first. That’s exactly what priming helps you with. It wants you to focus on your mindset, to face problems rather than cower from them, to overcome them and move on eventually.

You can even use Derigo Dash’s ‘Notepad’ feature to put all your hurdles and difficulties into words so you know what to focus on in your next priming session.

What Does Priming Really Mean?

Before we move on to the methodology, let’s explain the concept of Tony Robbins’ priming technique a little and what it’s based on.

Priming makes your thoughts and emotions the focal point of your day’s beginning. Before you start your day, go to your job, or run your errands, you take some time to understand your mental state and have an inflow of positivity while expelling negative energy. This can have a huge impact on the rest of your day and dictate your mood from then on.

Types of Priming

There are several types of priming methods, and results can vary from individual to individual. As each type uses a different factor to elevate your mood, you can try them out one by one to see which one works best for you.

Perceptual Priming

Using a very simple methodology, perceptual priming is based on words that sound similar such as ‘cat’ and ‘bat’. You are more likely to remember both words as they make the same sound while speaking, hence showing priming effects.

Positive/Negative Priming

Throughout our lives, all of us have ten to correlate two situations or items, even if they are completely unrelated. For example, if you used a particular pencil and got an unexpected result in your exam, the use of that pencil again will vary upon if the result was unexpectedly good or bad.

This is known as positive or negative priming. The association of words or objects is more likely to be remembered if there is a positive connotation attached to it, which is positive priming, and less likely to be remembered if there is a negative connotation attached, which is negative priming.

Associative Priming

We often hear certain words or phrases that make us think about particular things that aren’t even related. But having the same context often leads us to remember one better if we hear the other. For example, ‘rose’ and ‘red’. One is a color while the other is a flower, but chances are, you will remember both if one is said.

Conceptual Priming

This type relies heavily on words that are related conceptually. For example, ‘mother’ and ‘children’. They might not be the same, but due to falling into the same category, they can show priming effects.

Repetition Priming

Repetition priming is by far the most effective priming method to get ahead in life and achieve your goals. This is based on words that are correlated due to them being paired together. With enough repetition, people have higher chances to respond to one while hearing the other.

Changing Your Outlook on Life

Now you know the different types of priming present and can try them out yourself of your own volition.

Priming can be extremely beneficial for people who find it hard to concentrate or lack the willpower to get things done. Starting the day with a fresh mind and full motivation can drastically improve the quality of your day.

Added assistance can be provided by Derigo Dash, which has a Quotes functionality. Every day, as you wake up, receive a brand new uplifting quote to start your day off right. Choose your favorite quotes and put them on loop to elevate your mood daily.

Scientifically Proven

Unlike most methods you find on the internet, Tony Robbins’ priming method actually has some scientific relevance. Researchers have found that if an individual is exposed to two stimuli back to back, their reaction to the second stimuli can vary based on their experience with the first.

In simpler words, our experiences at the beginning of the day can ‘prime’ how we feel ahead.

The Bottom Line

Our mental state is a key component in defining our productivity and efficiency throughout the day. Focusing on it and keeping it positive can substantially increase our quality of work and decrease stress and fatigue.


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