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Morning Pages vs. Journaling

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Since a good morning defines the day, we must do everything possible to make the day worthwhile, as time does not repeat itself. One must remain productive and stress-free throughout your day in order to get the most out of it.

Most people find it difficult to summon the courage and motivation to begin a productive day, when overburdened with responsibilities. Every problem, on the other hand, has a solution. We’ve all heard how important writing is for keeping negative thoughts at bay. It helps to improve mental health as well. Journaling is vital for various reasons, but let’s look at some additional options that are morning pages.

What Are Morning Pages?

Morning Pages is a technique inspired by Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way. This book educates artists who are shattered and afraid of getting back on the path of creativity and away from the fear that is holding them back. The book’s goal is to inspire artists to resist negative voices internally and externally.

This is a technique that isn’t only for artists. Paint, canvas, and clay are just a few examples of art. It’s all about making something from absolutely nothing and pursuing your goals. You are an artist if you cook, write, sing, dance, design video games, or play baseball. Any act of creation or skill improvement is art; therefore, don’t let what society considers an “artist” limit you. Yes, the Morning Pages can help you even if you don’t draw.

Benefits of Morning Pages

●      It is a type of meditation where you allow bad thoughts to rise to the surface and be observed.

●      Something like that aids in the development of creative ideas and thinking.

●      A technique of writing down all of your anxieties on a sheet of paper to make your day more productive.

●     Morning pages can help you process your feelings and make your day less stressful.

What Is Journaling?

Journaling is keeping a written record of your thoughts and feelings as you go about your daily routine. It is unique in a way that it isn’t a one-size-fits-all practice. Such a thing is a deeply personal experience that might manifest itself in various ways.

Journaling may one day resemble a diary entry, similar to the ones you may have written as a teenager. It might be a list of things that offer you delight the next day or a list of goals you wish to achieve.

Developing a journaling practice, especially when you’re scared or depressed, might help you work through your feelings. It can also assist you in maturing, becoming more self-aware, and gaining valuable insights.

Benefits of Journaling

●      Journaling boosts your productivity by allowing you to stay focused.

●      This can help you look back on your worst experiences and gain insight into what you can do better in the future.

●      It aids in clarifying one’s aims and purposes, which aids in good planning.

●      Such a thing aids in the development of creativity and the emergence of innovative ideas.

Morning Pages vs Journaling: What is better?

As it comes to meditating for increased mental health and overall productivity, there is no better or worse. It all relies on individual preferences and what they believe best suits them. Some may be more productive after writing in the morning. Meanwhile others may like to do journaling.

To maximize benefits and achieve the highest level of self-achievement, you can even incorporate both strategies into your daily practice. Morning pages do not outweigh the benefits of journaling. They are simply different approaches to increasing productivity and focus.

Time to make a change

Derigo Dash allows you to write morning pages on the app. It helps you to stay focused throughout the day and so boosts your productivity. Keeping negative thoughts at bay and decreasing anxieties before beginning the day. As a result, the day goes well.

Staying Positive is a wonderful habit since it helps you develop a better perspective on life. Although it takes effort to create a good habit, it has the potential to improve your entire life.

Writing morning pages or journaling is a magical wand for enhanced productivity. It helps an individual stay optimistic, improves mental and physical health. As a result, it also helps improve mental and physical health.

The Bottom-line

Meditation practices are intended to help people improve their mental health and live a more balanced existence. Because good mental health is a significant factor in increasing productivity, focus, and creativity, improving our mental health will have a knock-on effect on our physical health.

Various historical personalities who became famous innovators, artists, and creators kept notebooks to keep track of their thoughts and ideas. Famous painters like Leonardo da Vinci used to keep diaries to keep track of their thoughts and inventiveness. Similarly, you should use one or both of these tactics on a daily basis if you want to be a leader.


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