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Let me guess, you just heard another inspirational podcast or watched Ted Talk of a billionaire explaining the secret to their success lies in their morning routine. Now, you are looking to make a similar impact in your life with an early morning routine. But waking up at dawn seems more daunting than anything you have ever done. Robin Sharma, the author of ‘The 5 AM Club’, emphasizes that only 5% of the population is willing to wake up at this hour. Hence, the level of success they achieve is unparalleled compared to others.

We can never follow through because the early morning routine requires a proper plan, executed through precision tools and a strong commitment to the system. Don’t worry, we are here to guide you through each step! Quoting Robin’s words,

All change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end.

The morning routine is not just waking up at 5 AM to begin your work. It should include a set of actions that allows you to move your body, reflect on your life and aid your personal growth. We challenge you to follow this morning routine using Derigo Dash and observe a real change in your life. It is a personalized dashboard for your browser’s new tab. It aims to help you accomplish higher productivity and increased focus by providing you valuable widgets customizable to suit your needs.

The 20/20/20 Rule

Why the 5 am wake-up? It has been scientifically proven that early morning routine gives you a head start as your mind is fresh and clear and still free from distractions. Also, in the first hours of the day, you are full of motivation, cognitive capacity, and will-power that allows you to tackle any given task that you need to get done. Many people talk about the surreal feeling of being productive, attacking the day, and accomplishing things while the rest of the world is still asleep.  

To get the most out of this time, implement Robin’s 20/20/20 Rule through Derigo Dash. This Rule basically divides your hour into three 20 minute segments, as described below.

1. Move

Begin with physical exercise in the first 20 minutes. It’s a good idea to switch between different activities to keep variety in your routine. You can schedule the weekly exercise plan such as running, cycling, yoga, or even aerobics in the Weekly To-Do widget. The dash will remind you each day and mark your exercise progress in the habit tracker widget. Exercise activates a phenomenon called transient hypo-frontality. In easy words, your prefrontal cortex or thinking brain gets disconnected and prevents rational thinking. It is tricking your brain into doing essential things before it stops you with negative self-talk and unproductive self-doubt. Physical activity will relieve your stress and give you the energy to start the day. Additionally, you will gain the mental clarity required for reflection and growth in your morning routine’s next steps.

Derigo Dash Pomodoro Timer
Derigo Dash Pomodoro Timer

2. Reflect

The next 20 minutes are allocated to reflect on your life. We often find ourselves repeating the same day over and over without a clear direction. Use the notes widgets to write down your top priorities and inspirations above and beyond the superficial obligations of daily lives. A sense of purpose will provide you peace and calm throughout the day.

Additionally, you can list your top goals in the Goals widget. It would be best if you separated your personal and professional goals. Although you will write them once but reading them daily as part of your morning routine will keep you motivated to follow through. Make a plan for the day in the Daily To-Do widget. They will be displayed on your dashboard; hence every time you open your browser, it will center your focus and keep you on track. You can also add a 5-minute journal to your morning routine using the notes widget to transfer your thoughts, fears, and frustrations into physical form. A healthy emotional outlet prevents you from getting distracted by mental noise during your day.

Morning journal questions
Morning journal questions

3. Grow

Surprisingly in the hustle-bustle of our lives, we ignore personal growth and development. The next 20 minutes of your hour is to gain self-awareness. You can achieve this by writing in the Notes widget. Similarly, list any key areas you want to work on, such as be more confident, get creative or build better relationships.

You can improve on any of these targets using the Derigo Dash. Schedule meetings with an online focus group to ease your fear of speaking and gain confidence. You have the option to list weekly creative activities such as learn a musical instrument or try a new arts and crafts project in the habit tracker widget. Or set reminders in the calendar widget for all events and celebrations of important people in your life. We tend to shame people who cannot remember their partner’s birthday, but a sign of achieving self-awareness is to accept your flaws, get the help and gain the result you desire.

Goal setting
Goal setting

If you carry out the first hour of your morning methodically, you will unlock the full potential of the day and end with complete satisfaction. We conclude with Robin’s saying,

Own your morning. Elevate your life.


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Morning Pages vs. Journaling

Since a good morning defines the day, we must do everything possible to make the day worthwhile, as time does not repeat itself. One must remain productive and stress-free throughout