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Perform Deep Work To Make Better Life Decisions

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In this post, we will teach you how to deep work using Derigo Dash and avoid cognitive biases to make better life decisions.

Which line is longer?

Muller Lyer Illusion showing two arrows

We have seen the Muller Lyer Illusion enough times to know both lines are the same length. But you also feel the itch at the back of your mind saying ‘bottom line is longer than the top.’ So how do you settle the dispute? You pick up a ruler and measure them both. The data definitively shows that both lines are equal! Optical illusions can be easily proven, but the same is not true for mental illusions. These are scientifically known as ‘cognitive biases.’

Nobel Prize winner, psychologist, and behavioral economist, Daniel Kahneman is the author of ‘Thinking Fast and Slow.’ He revolutionized how we perceive our decision-making process. He divides the decision-making brain into two systems; system 1 and system 2.

Moreover, he explains that the majority of our decisions are taken by System 1. System 1 is an impulsive, emotional, and reactive decision-maker. It makes quick judgments based on superficial and limited information. System 2 is the logical decision-maker that takes time and actual evidence into consideration. System 1 told you the bottom line is longer, but system 2 used the data to conclude both are equal.

So, how to make informed decisions?

The problem arises when we unintentionally make hasty decisions on important and unfamiliar issues. We believe we are deliberating using system 2; in reality, system 1 is in control. The solution is to deep work on any significant decision before finalizing it. Deep work is work carried out in intense focus without distractions. You can read deep work strategies by Cal Newport here.

This is just one impression of how you can arrange Derigo Dash for Deep Work.
This is just one impression of how you can arrange Derigo Dash for Deep Work

Derigo Dash is a personalized dashboard for your browser’s new tab. It is entirely customizable with a variety of useful widgets. Derigo Dash improves your focus and concentration by helping you identify your top priorities. It motivates by breaking your goals into achievable targets and finally keeps you on track with helpful reminders.

We will explain to you below how you can use the widgets to perform deep work. This will help you to avoid cognitive biases. Additionally, this practice will train your mind to use system 2 instead of system 1 when making important decisions in your life.

Yearly Goals

Let’s say you want to own a house in the future. Put this as a personal goal for the year. Since you have defined this as a long-term goal, you are less likely to fall for ‘Optimism Bias.’ Optimism bias is when you make decisions because they “feel” good. For example, you heard about a good deal on the house. Next, you choose to buy it without further research, simply because the price sounds impressive and the house gives you a good feeling.

Monthly Goals

To own a house, you can determine the amount of money you need to save each month. You can list this goal in the monthly goal widget. You can also write down the methods to generate more cash, such as pick up extra shifts. These steps can prevent ‘Availability Biases.’ Availability bias happens when you think of consequences based on previous experience. You may purchase a house on an impulse because previously, you have heard such good deals are scarce. But if you save up to your monthly target, more options will be available to you in the future.

Monthly Goals Widget

Write down your monthly goals with one of the Todo Widgets which are available in Derigo Dash

Daily To-Do

You can schedule your day using this widget. A plan keeps you getting distracted and wasting valuable time. Progress made each week will be displayed on your screen as a visual indicator.

This tool is essential to prevent ‘Sunk Cost Fallacy.’ People tend to make poor choices due to a negative outcome instead of continuing to invest. If you suffer a loss in your business, that does not mean your entire plan will fail. Instead, if you continue to work every day, you can recover from the loss.

Pomodoro Timer

A Pomodoro timer restricts your time and improves your concentration. You can set the timer while working but also schedule a distraction-free period. If you spend limited time on social media pages showcasing houses on sale, you will avoid ‘Frequency Bias’ which happens when you see something enough times so that you believe it to be true. An advertisement gets very attractive if it pops up on your screen ten times. Read further on how to use the Pomodoro timer to become a deep work expert.

Pomodoro Timer from Derigo Dash

Perform deep work with the Pomodoro Widget which is available in Derigo Dash


Most destructive is the ‘Overconfidence Effect.’ People tend to overestimate their knowledge in a new area after doing basic research. Notes widget comes in handy when you are doing a thorough evaluation. You can weigh the pros against cons for your top three choices. Before talking to a real estate agent, you can write the reasons and purpose for this house. It will clarify precisely what you need instead of what looks good.

Derigo Dash - Notes Widget can be used as a scratchpad while deep work
Derigo Dash – Notes Widget

Intelligence is not only the ability to reason; it is also the ability to find relevant material in memory and to deploy attention when needed.

As said by Daniel, to make smart choices, you have to ponder over the options. You can only implement deep work using the widgets from Derigo Dash. Try out Derigo Dash today to program your mind to make rational and calculated decisions every day.


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