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Apply Productivity Secrets From Tim Ferris In 3 Steps

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At some point in your life, you realize you have everything to be happy, an established career, family, and dependable income. However, you are also on the verge of a breakdown from the daily mental stresses of your life. Tim Ferriss says the only alternative for 21st-century human beings is to re-evaluate his life. He explains in great detail in his book Four Hour Work Week that we have to increase our productivity while decreasing the time and effort spent.

Tim Ferriss is a renowned author of 5 books, has picked up multiple titles such as Forbes ‘Names you need to know’ and Fortune’s ’40 under 40.’ He aims to educate people to quit the blind rat race and create a life worth living. 

Similarly, Derigo Dash is an application designed to increase your productivity and improve your focus while keeping you motivated. Derigo Dash transforms your browser’s new tab into a personalized dashboard. It contains all the necessary tools for goal setting, deep work, and note-taking while eliminating other distractions. 

It is daunting to completely change and forget our current way of life. We encourage you to start small. We have summarized some of the principles from Tim’s books and podcasts. You can start applying them from tomorrow in your daily routine using Derigo Dash. You will observe massive improvement in your productivity.

Create Morning Rituals

A good morning routine is the secret of all successful people. When Tim was asked about his morning, he replied that the first thing he does is make his bed to create a small success. Next, he meditates for clarity and exercises to wake up his body, which is followed by making a cup of his titanium tea and writing in his 5-minute journal

5 minute journal with Derigo Dash
5 minute journal with Derigo Dash

The sole purpose of a repeated morning routine with keystone habits is to configure your mind for an ideal day. Making the bed triggers you to start the day with a small win. While writing a journal entry will clarify your mind of the self-doubts and fears and start the day with a positive mindset

Derigo Dash has a habit tracker widget to help you build new habits. Whether they are efficient morning routines or drinking more water, the widget will remind you about them. Habits solidify with continuous repetition. Moreover, the Notes Widget is handy in recording your thoughts as a journal as part of your morning ritual.

Pomodoro Timer Technique

‘Focus on productivity instead of being busy.’

Tim Ferriss

Tim emphasizes that, to make real change, you have to differentiate between beneficial work and busywork. He suggests using the 80/20 rule, determine what 20% of the activities produce 80% of your desired results. Let’s say your source of income is developing software. That means you spend the majority of your workday coding and programming. Instead of spending endless time perfecting small details, lay out the approach and design of the entire project. Later you can edit and finalize it. Additionally, you should avoid activities such as checking emails and replying to social media posts during this time. 

Perform Deep Work with Derigo Dash
Perform Deep Work with Derigo Dash

To avoid getting distracted, you can activate ‘Focus Mode’ on Derigo Dash and use the Pomodoro timer widget. A Pomodoro Timer Technique is highly recommended because it works for everyone. It produces excellent results since it limits your time to finish the task at hand. This time pressure increases your performance. Besides, the Pomodoro timer will also remind you to take well-deserved breaks after intense work sessions. The ‘Focus Mode’ prevents you from interruptions during your work.

Define Most Important Actions

‘When in doubt, the most important to-do is typically the one that makes you the most uncomfortable, often including a chance of rejection, pain or failure.’

Tim Ferriss

As part of your morning ritual, determine the top three critical tasks for the day. For each of the tasks, allocate a start time and expected duration. Use a Daily To-Do Widget to help you schedule your day and send yourself a reminder to keep you on track. You are more likely to start and avoid procrastinating if you schedule a difficult task upfront. As you complete each task, you can mark them as done. Seeing the physical evidence of your progress will keep the momentum going.

Derigo Dash - Todo Widget
Derigo Dash – Todo Widget

Tim highlights the importance of “time” in all his books and talks. You should consider time as a limited resource and budget it similarly to budgeting your money. Learn to say no to tasks that occupy your time but do not bring value. If you cannot avoid them, find ways to allocate them or get help. You can only reach your maximum productivity if you use your strengths and design a life that works for you. You will never achieve your dreams if you follow other people’s rules. Derigo Dash’s widgets are all customizable to your personal needs. Personalization is the core principle of this dashboard. It will give you more freedom and enables you to design your day according to your own needs. Try out Derigo Dash today and let us know how it helped you increase your productivity.


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Morning Pages vs. Journaling

Since a good morning defines the day, we must do everything possible to make the day worthwhile, as time does not repeat itself. One must remain productive and stress-free throughout