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Everything You Need To Know About Productivity

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What Is Productivity?

To describe productivity in simple terms would be, the ability to work efficiently and produce beneficial results within a specific time frame. Whether it is an organization or an individual, everyone is trying to gain greater and better quality results in a shorter time.

Problems Affecting Productivity

There has been a paradigm shift due to the easy availability of the internet. Sophisticated software has taken over the time-consuming jobs of humans. The role of humans has shifted from that of a doer to an organizer. However humans are not very good organizers, they often choose a smaller and more pleasurable task over important lengthy tasks for immediate rewards.  This is the reason people are working greater hours without any increment in their productivity.

The Solution?

Successful people and organizations seem to be following some secret formula that the rest of the world does not know. Although the solution to increasing productivity is simple it is not easy to follow. A productive person needs to first realistically define his goals and plans. Then effectively follow through without getting distracted by other people and the mindless attractions.

Additionally, if you work on your goals alone there is no accountability and it is easy to put off your ambitions for a later date. Derigo Dash was designed considering all these factors. It is a personalized dashboard for your browser’s new tab. The customizable widgets allow its users to create a setup specific to their needs for maximum productivity. Below we briefly describe some of the benefits of using Derigo Dash to fulfill your goals.

How To Improve Productivity?

Increasing Focus

The dashboard displays only the required widgets of your choosing. A clean screen is essential for focused work. Continuous interruptions from social media sites or work emails will disrupt the workflow. There is an attention residue left behind from previous activity.

Performing Deep Work

Deep work is the latest trend in digital workers. It is recommended because deep work forces people to concentrate on one particular task. It eliminates the concept of busywork such as spending long hours replying to emails instead of completing a due work report. The To-Do widgets are excellent at creating a form of personal accountability to complete necessary targets.

Pomodoro Technique

The more time you believe you have, the greater time a task will require. Scientific research shows that human performance increases with a limited time. The productivity rises close to deadlines which is clear evidence of the research. When you decide to complete your work within a limited period your mind will automatically hyperfocus on that particular task. A pomodoro timer is a simple tool to keep you on your toes while working.

Motivational Techniques

Additionally, renew your productivity regularly, otherwise, productivity begins to drop. People may force themselves to continue working but the quality does not remain the same.  Image and Quote widgets’ purpose is to provide short bursts of inspiration. Derigo Dash widget allows you to schedule quotes at different times. The unexpected reminders will renew your spirits.

Effective Scheduling

Firstly, you have to identify and enlist SMART goals. Goals with meaningful outcomes and purpose are easier to pursue. Next, you have to determine the best scheduling technique. A person with a short attention span cannot sit for long hours and produce substantial results. However, shorter deep work sessions will be more suited to his personality. Derigo Dash allows freedom of customization to cater to your specific needs. The Daily To-Do widget keeps you on track and help to plan your day effectively.

Self Awareness

It is important to realize that everyone is flawed and there is always room for improvement. A person often gets disheartened due to unforeseen hurdles and gives up when they feel the finish line is too far. Derigo Dash will save the physical record of your progress, you can mark off completed activities as you work. It has a colorful chart displaying your progress as well. A regular evaluation of your progress will provide you with higher self-awareness. You will better judge your abilities when considering a longer time period. A growth mindset helps you turn dreams into reality. Besides journaling has helped millions of people gain insight. The Notes widget is an effective tool to type all your thoughts and aspirations.

Goal Setting Methods

Every single activity you plan to complete is a goal, regardless of the size of the result you desire. Over time we end up with so many incomplete targets that it overwhelms us. To increase your productivity and achieve your goals, you need to apply functional goal-setting techniques. Narrow down the few top goals that will make a valuable change in your life. Derigo Dash will help you get a laser focus on these goals and make the journey straightforward. Yearly Goals widget, Monthly, and Weekly To-Do can help break down the goals into achievable targets. They also allow for timely evaluation of your progress.

Derigo Dash is an excellent time management system designed to increase your productivity without demanding life-altering decisions. These simple widgets can help you solve the digital problems we are facing today. Try out Derigo Dash today and let us know what you think.

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