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Simple Way to Build Habits That Last a Lifetime

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Close your eyes and think of what you did all day today … then what you did yesterday … and the day before … eventually you will see a pattern of actions emerging. Almost 40% of our daily routine is habitual! Surely the habits you build should enable you, not disable you to live a happy satisfied life. This is perfectly summed up by James Clear as ‘Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement’.

In this post, we will guide you through the science of habit formation, as explained meticulously in the world-renowned book ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear. He describes that a proper system will lead to successful habit formation. Derigo Dash helps you to build new habits and improve your existing habits. It transforms your browser’s new tab into a personal dashboard with multiple widgets to help you build new habits. This means that whenever you open a new tab you are reminded of your habits and goals. As a result, this increases your chances of successfully forming new behavior and achieving new goals.

Regardless of the goal you to want to achieve, whether to make a million dollars in a year, read 4 books in a month, run 5 miles each day or limit your daily social media usage. You can use the methods below and Derigo Dash as an instrument to accomplish them. First of all, list your goals, you can use the To-Do widget and then break them down into achievable targets down to your daily objectives. You will build habits through these daily actions. Eventually, these habits will be transformed into your regular routine.

How to build habits?

We will explain to you how to apply James’ 4 laws of behavior change for habit building and breaking. With New Year celebrations fresh in our minds, eating healthy has been a repeatedly failed resolution for all of us. This year, you can use Derigo Dash to apply James’s law to build a habit of eating healthy. We will also suggest ways to break unhealthy eating habits.

The 4 laws can be divided into each phase of habit loop as shown in the table below.

 Build HabitBreak Habit
1. CueMake it simpleRemove or make it difficult
2. CravingMake it desirableMake it unattractive
3. ResponseQuick easy actionLong hard actions
4. RewardSatisfyingUnsatisfying

1. Cue: It is the trigger to your habit.

To eat healthily we have to remove the friction of starting, hence make a meal plan for the week and stock up on required groceries. Similarly, make the trigger to unhealthy alternatives difficult even impossible, instead of driving in-front of fast food restaurants change your route, do not buy junk food when you go to supermarket. You can use Notes widget to make your weekly meal plan, grocery lists. Furthermore, use image section to catalogue your favourite recipes.

2. Craving: It is the motivation that derives action

To form a new habit you have to make it desirable one technique to do this is through temptation bundling. You love to blog on instagram? Well start showcasing your healthy meals online and inspire others to follow your suit. Next replace junk food during Netflix binging sessions with delicious healthier options, they will not only fulfill your cravings but nutrients will lift your health and emotions. Additionally, use habit tracker widget to mark each day you eat healthy and avoid junk food. The evidence of your progress will serve as a feedback loop causing you to stick to your habit.

3. Response: It is the planning versus action phase of habit formation.

Make your habit quick and easy. Since you already have a meal plan and groceries in your fridge, the act of preparing the meal will be much easier. Because you did not buy junk food at supermarket, your only option to curb your hunger is with healthy alternatives. Use the To-do widget to schedule your meal with reminder. Not only will this prevent you from skipping meal but also stop you running to nearest fast food outlet to grab lunch in last 10 minutes of your break. Also list in Notes widget, the healthy snack alternatives that are available to eat, hence easier to decide when running low on sugar during hectic work day.

4. Reward: Immediate emotion from your action.

As a matter of fact, human nature demands instant pleasure. You will never stick to a habit for longer time unless you reward yourself occasionally. For example, all the money you saved by not purchasing junk and fast food, you can spend it on something else you wanted like a new shirt or an electronic accessory. Similarly, one way to make junk food cravings unattractive is having an accountability partner, someone you will be displeased to share that you fell into old habits.

‘I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks, but I do fear man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times’. Bruce Lee

Finally, have patience with the process. Habits formation happens through the frequency of repetition not overall time period. It’s important that you remind yourself about the reason you are building a habit and what you want to achieve with it. You can use the Quote widget to inspire and remind yourself of this. Also, forgive yourself for times you repeat old habits and be quick to rebound. Remember, failing once in a while is a mistake but twice in a row starts to form a habit!

Here is a quick look at how you can modify Derigo Dash to build good habits that will last you a lifetime!


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