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Timeboxing With Derigo Dash Will Make You More Productive

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You have just heard the hype about Timeboxing but don’t know what it means? Well, it’s a simple yet powerful technique to accomplish your targets without using a Todo list, and it has proven to increase productivity and improve focus drastically. Timeboxing can be defined as scheduling all your activities on the Calendar instead of making a long list of things to do.

Derigo Dash works as your digital coach. It keeps your schedule organized and tracks your progress. Similarly, it provides the user with all the necessary tools in the form of widgets to enhance their productivity. It focuses their attention on their goals, both professional and personal. Hence allow users to achieve all their wildest dreams. Derigo Dash provides a Calendar widget to schedule the tasks according to timeboxing technique without any hassles.

How To Apply Time Boxing Technique?

The major problem with a traditional Todo list is that it looks like a grocery list of unappealing tasks that we avoid. The number of tasks usually overwhelms a person to begin procrastinating. Finally, close to the end of the day, they end up hastily completing the urgent yet unimportant tasks only.

This method prevents you from following your dreams as you sacrifice your personal goals for fulfilling work responsibilities. Timeboxing teaches you self-discipline by maintaining a proper schedule. You are required to schedule your targets, similar to scheduling a meeting in the Calendar widget.

Next, follow the same rules as you would for a meeting with your team. Prepare for the scheduled activity by being clear about the targets to complete in the allocated time. This act stops you from over-doing any action, and it also avoids traps of perfectionism where people spend a long time obsessing over minute details.

Secondly, commit to the scheduled task by restricting last-minute rescheduling. When carrying out the task, notify team members not to disturb you, avoid flipping through applications, and block notifications. Focused time without distractions will help you complete the target.

Although the Todo list gets many tasks completed, you have no idea of your progress over time. The benefit of the Calendar widget is that it tracks your progress over time. It will display activities from the previous week, and the visual indication will inspire and motivate you to continue on your trajectory. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for self-appreciation and celebrating your milestones.

Boost Your Productivity With Additional Derigo Dash Widgets

Notes Widget

For higher productivity, you need to determine the purpose of your goals. Only meaningful goals ensure long-term commitment. Notes widget is a notepad to journal and detail what kind of life you want in 10 years. After you have a clear idea of your future, list the top 2-3 goals to accomplish. These goals should be your primary focus and top priority. List them in the Yearly Goals widget as a guide for monthly and weekly planning. 

Break down your yearly goals into smaller achievable monthly and weekly targets and schedule them in the Calendar widget. Timeboxing requires you to block the appropriate duration for each activity and fix the date.

Remember to schedule regular reviews in your Calendar, either monthly or weekly, to access your progress and make changes as required. Working without reviewing your work is like running a race-blind, and you will never be clear on where you are and how much is left.

Derigo Dash - Notes Widget
Derigo Dash – Notes Widget

Pomodoro Timer Widget

To prevent distractions interrupting your work, use the Pomodoro Timer widget to deep work. It helps to focus time and attention on the target you want to complete. Deep work is an essential skill that everyone needs to master. Initially, mental and external distractions are difficult to avoid, but with time it gets easier as you train your mind and learn to focus on one thing only.

Pomodoro Timer from Derigo Dash
Derigo Dash – Pomodoro Timer Widget

Habit Tracker Widget

Surprisingly not everyone realizes that our daily routines determine the level of success we achieve. Having a healthy routine keeps your mind and body in an optimal condition which guarantees you will be active and alert while working. The habit Tracker widget helps you break old habits and create new habits through consistency. If you want a habit of meditating each day for 10 minutes, list them in the habit tracker widget. Every day that you meditate, you mark it off in the widget. Eventually, this activity will solidify into a permanent habit.

Derigo Dash – Habit Tracker Widget

Timeboxing is a helpful method that can be incorporated into your daily life today, and Timeboxing with Derigo Dash makes a perfect combination. Try out Derigo Dash today and observe your productivity rise to unimagined levels.


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