A new approach to employee wellbeing

Increase employee retention and prevent burnout, Today — We perform daily check-ins that promote wellbeing and provide your organization with authentic insights to increase self-awareness. Now you can better understand your organization and spark conversation with confidence.

Friendly check-ins

Connect easily with your employees on a daily basis with our innovative browser integration. Meet your employees where they're at to increase engagement.

Spark conversation

Promote employee wellbeing in a new way and show that you support your employees during demanding times. Proactively signal employees at risk so that you can help.


Get authentic insights about your employees' wellbeing while also making your employees more self-aware. Support your trusted managers with the right tools.

How it works

We start by promoting employee wellbeing within your organization by inviting your teams. Our innovative browser integration is installed with 1-click in to browser to fit every employee workflow. Now you can meet your employees where they’re at. Without disturbing or demanding more.

Daily checkin’s now connect you with your employees – remote and onsite – to help you increase engagement and improve self-awareness about their wellbeing.

With new authentic data your trusted managers receive weekly insights into the wellbeing of their teams and enable them to proactively signal teams at risk and spark difficult conversation with more confidence. 

Easy tools make for happy employees.


Promote wellbeing with friendly check-in's

Employees are more connected and more online than ever. Both remote workers and on-site workers find it more difficult to unplug from work during off-hours. We will meet your employees where they’re at. Innovative browser integration with friendly design fits every employee workflow and enables you to connect with your employees without disturbing them or increasing their workload.


Improve employee

Stress is a given. The ability to handle stress is not. Self-aware employees are are more likely to seek, accept, and act on feedback. We help your employees improve their self-awareness about stress with personalized insights. Within a week these new insights will be shared with employees to promote action.


Spark conversation with authentic insights

Daily check-ins generates authentic data and create incredible valuable insights into the wellbeing of employees. These insights are valuable for both the employees’ self-awareness and for your leadership to understand the organization. Spark conversation and act data driven for every team and department in your organization to increase employee retention and reduce stress-related impact


For organizations that want to improve their employee wellbeing


Per employee, per month.
  • Plug and play, for teams of all sizes

  • Dedicated team support to answer all your questions

  • Available in Dutch, English, and French

  • Works on any browser

  • It's secure: encrypted & EU hosting

Increase retention
& prevent burnout
for less than lunch

Is Derigo Today for me?

Founder & Director

As the business is growing so is the demand on your organization. We give your leaders the tools and insights that help promote and manage wellbeing to increase retention and prevent stress related impact.

People Manager

Increase engagement with your teams and increase self-awareness about wellbeing to spark conversation. Don’t cloak it with corporate. Keep it natural and keep your periodic updates conversational with authentic data.

HR & Happiness Officer

We help you to put employee wellbeing top of mind within the organization. Promote wellbeing within teams and give leaders the insights that they need to feel confident tackling tough situations and important conversations.


From Brainport Eindhoven to the world

Provide your organization with authentic insights into the wellbeing of your teams and departments. Give your leaders  the innovative solutions to help them grow your organization and handle challenging conversations with confidence. Just set it and forget it.



Tony Ticknor, Director of Technology

Improve Productivity by creating good habits


Tony Ticknor, Director of Technology

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