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Top 5 Productivity Tips from Successful Entrepreneurs

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Have you ever looked at a multimillion-dollar entrepreneur and thought about how he got rich? If we look at today’s era and how things are progressing forward, you’ll see a stark increase in the entrepreneurial mindset encouraging many individuals to try their luck in this field using productivity tips. But where someone’s success rockets sky-high, others are left worse off than they were before.

If you’re thinking about what sets both those categories apart, it’s simply the amount of work they put in and the output they receive. Or, in other words, how productive and efficient they are. That’s why we’re going to talk about some productivity tips from entrepreneurs succeeding in their businesses.

You’ll find a never-ending list of tips and hacks to boost your efficiency, but not all of them are for you, and quite frankly, not all of them work. The five hacks we’re bringing you today are from people who’ve already achieved a lot in life and want to help others get to where they are.

Clarify Your Goals Before You Begin Your Day

Starting the day with a vague idea about what you need to do is not ideal. You’re confused and stressed about what to do first and how to go about it.

The best way to tackle this dilemma is by having a clear goal at the start of the day. Think about all your pending chores and which ones you have to complete first based on priority. Focus on the task at hand and follow the schedule you’ve made in order to achieve your set target by the end of the day.

Multitasking is a terrible option to do work. Not only is your attention divided between multiple tasks, but it can also seem overwhelming and stressful as neither task will be up to the mark, and you’ll see lower productivity as the day progresses.

Prioritize Tasks Using a To-Do List

You’ll never have just a few tasks to complete throughout your day, even if you focus them down. And it’s not always about finishing tasks but rather at what time you attempt it. You aren’t at your 100% all day, which can seriously affect your work quality. A workaround for this is to list your tasks in order of priority and make a to-do list.

You can place tasks that require more attention and focus in the morning while meetings can be scheduled later in the day, even if you’re tired, as it won’t take up valuable time of yours when you’re most efficient.

Going about your day like this will help get everything done most efficiently. That is why Derigo Dash brings you a To-Do List functionality. Found right on your home page, add and manage your daily tasks all from one place.

Procrastination Due to Short-Term Goals

A bad habit a lot of individuals have is forming short-term goals. These goals are disadvantageous because it has little relevance but will give you a sense of accomplishment, due to which you may slow down your progress.

Short-term goals can also offset your routine or working pace as you’ll often think about resting after every task, leading to decreased productivity in the day.

Instead of forming short-term goals, try time blocking your hours to cover minor chores in one sitting rather than constantly shifting focus on them throughout the day. These productivity tips will not only increase efficiency but keep you focused and reduce fatigue.

Do a Mood Diary

This productivity tip might be less heard amongst readers but is highly worthwhile if practiced right. A mood diary helps you record how you’re feeling at different times of the day. You can input a mood change any time you feel like otherwise. Apps remind you at several intervals.

This can be beneficial for productivity because you can track how your mood fluctuates throughout the day. Did you find a task particularly frustrating? Was a meeting dragged on, draining you of motivation? These are variables you can focus on to re-adjust them in your to-do list to boost productivity in other areas.

You can use Derigo Dash’s Notepad feature to journal your feelings anytime you feel like it. Open the app and let your emotions flow in words to observe later.

Keep a Realistic Approach towards Your Goals

No matter how much energy or hard work you put in, there are limits to every human. Setting goals beyond your reach will only demotivate you when you fail to achieve them, causing reduced efficiency in other tasks as well.

Always keep an optimistic yet realistic approach for all your goals. Derigo Dash offers you helpful and motivational quotes all day with the Quotes feature, so you’re pumped and ready to take on the next task.

Parting Thoughts

“Focus on being productive instead of busy.” Says Tim Ferris, American podcaster, author, and entrepreneur. These productivity tips by entrepreneurs should help you buckle down and get more done in the same 24 hours you had before.


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