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Ultimate Morning Rituals For A Successful Life

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Time after time, we hear the importance of morning rituals. Research has proven that Proactive People are Morning People. It is as simple as a racer getting a head-start. How you start your day will determine the level of success you achieve. Derigo Dash is your personal space that you can incorporate into your morning routine to help you reach your full potential.

Derigo dash transforms your browser’s new tab into a personalized dashboard. It will improve your focus and increase your productivity. Additionally, It will help you accomplish any goals you’ve set for yourself. The user-friendly design of Derigo Dash and customization with different widgets can be adjusted to your routines and help you build new habits

This post will guide you on how to make your morning rituals using Derigo Dash. We have listed a few of the most successful and influential people of our time. We explain a habit from each person’s routine and how you can incorporate those habits into your daily life using Derigo Dash.

Elon Musk

CEO of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk is widely known for his workaholic personality. His goals to colonize Mars and free global internet service may be hard to imagine, but he has an effective plan. The Yearly To-Do widget’s purpose is to list similar long-term goals. It will help you convert your dream into a practical goal. Reading your yearly goals daily clarifies the mind to focus on the bigger picture.

Yearly goal widget to set long term goals
Yearly To-Do widget to set long term personal and professional goals.

Jeff Bezos

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is known to have maintained a relaxed morning routine since his early career days. He says a CEO is supposed to make few high-quality decisions. Every day he schedules his meetings at 10 am; he believes this is when he is most alert. You can use the Calendar widget to block a time in the morning when you feel most productive. During this time, work on your high priority and critical tasks of the day.

Oprah Winfrey

To stay on top of the game for decades, you need to learn daily scheduling like Oprah Winfrey. Her tight manager’s schedule leaves no room for time wasters; she makes every minute count. You can create your schedule using the Daily To-Do widget. As part of your morning rituals, write down the day’s tasks. The widget will send you reminders to keep you on track. The dashboard will display the Daily To-Do list, which will motivate you as you mark off completed tasks.

Tim Cook

Tim Cook, the Apple CEO, wakes up at 3:45 am every day. He has a specific period for each activity. He likes to spend a half-hour in the morning answering essential emails. Pomodoro Timer is an efficient widget to keep you on track during such activities. Set the timer for 30 minutes to check your emails; this will prevent you from wasting a couple of hours going through unnecessary emails.

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook innovator Mark Zuckerberg is often photographed during his morning run. Early morning exercise gives energy to the body and refreshes the mind. The habit tracker widget is highly beneficial when you start new habits such as 30 minutes of morning run or yoga session. You can mark off the days in the widget to track your habit. The visual evidence will keep the momentum going for later. Similarly, you can use a habit tracker to break old habits by recording their frequency and replacing the triggers with good behaviors.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama, an American attorney, served as First Lady for eight years and has actively participated in social welfare. She is seen juggling white office obligations with her personal life. Additionally, she has authored two books, attends television shows, charity events, and speaks for human rights. It can be hard to keep track of a varied schedule like hers. The monthly To-Do widget can help you keep track of your upcoming events by scheduling deadlines. A public speech would generally require weeks of preparation. Accordingly, mark smaller targets on the Monthly To-Do widget during the preparation period. Going through the monthly targets as a morning ritual will help to prioritize the most significant activities for the day.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder, and billionaire is one of the early morning risers with a unique habit of writing down his ideas. When thoughts pop up in your mind while working, write them in the Notes widget. Besides, inspiration has no time; even if the initial concept is not the best, it often leads to greater ideas. As a matter of fact, use the Notes widget as a 5-minute morning journal to start the day with a positive mindset.

How To Make Your Morning Rituals?

Elon musk can tackle a good workday with 6 hours of sleep or less. On the other hand, Jeff Bezos never compromises his sleep. These people designed morning rituals to work for them. You can do the same. Firstly answer the questions; what do you aim to achieve, and what is the best method to reach your goal? Once you figure this out, use Derigo Dash to turn your dreams into reality.


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